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Monday, December 26, 2005

2005 Rollout Over 2004:The Hit Drama & Comedy

Usually every year has a hit Drama & Comedy that makes everybody remember that certain year. 2004 and 2005 is no exception. However 2005 brought two that are in a league of their own. "Jewel In The Palace" and "Life Made Simple" are considered legends now, so they'll be ruled out of the series class. So which ones were the hit drama and comedy of 2004/2005?

The Dramas:
2004's hit drama no doubt was "War and Beauty". It had the highest peaking rating of one night so everyone basicly crowned it the number rated of the year but really "To Catch The Uncatchable" was number one overall. The cast was what made the series very tempting with so many big names. Besides that, the plot interested people because of the competetion factor which made it very intense and a true drama. The series suck the life of 2004, leaving no room for anything else to breath. After the series aired, everybody couldn't stop talking about it and 2004 was basicly dead in terms of any buzz from series and stars outside of it.

2005's was "Revolving Doors of Vengeance's" year. I did not expect it to be the hit drama though. I knew it was anticipated by alot of people but I did expect it to be such a hit. I honestly expected "Healing Hand 3" to be the hit because of how much buzz it was getting, but somehow it did not do so well in ratings and became a disappointment. I was very impress when watching "RDOV" because it was very diverse with romance, drama, and even a little of light-hearted comedy. It also brought back the intense competion factor like War and Beauty. The cast was awsome in terms of acting. Joe, Kenix, Ron, Ella, Derek Kwok, Ellesmere Choi, Winnie Yeung, and Elaine Yiu delivered great performances. This problaly why the series was a hot favorite for Series of the Year. Hands down TVB's best drama of 2005.
The Comedies:

2004 was dominated by "To Catch The Uncatchable" in terms of comedies. Dayo Wong was the talk of the town since his last series "War of the Gender" was the number rated HK show of all time before Jewel In the Palace came around. TVB was hoping to get the same result and it really came to life. "To Catch The Uncatchable" was the number one rated show of 2004. Dayo Wong and Ada Choi won best chemistry like him and Dodo Cheng also did. Their popularity sky rocketed. It was so much of a success that they wanted to make sequel, but Dayo hasn't found the time yet. Still, anyway you put it "To Catch the Uncatchable" will be pass down as a classic comedy.

2005's hit comedy was "War of the In Laws". It was safe to say TVB didn't expect it to be a hit since wasn't a large production and only like 20 episodes were ordered. I also didn't expect it to be one either since I nevered seen Liza, Myolie, or Bosco in a comedy. I expected "Women on the Run" to be the big hit because it was billed as sequel to "To Catch The Uncatchable" with a cross of "Sex In The City", but it ended up not doing very well. I must admit the "WOIL"cast was amazing, Liza was completely in character, Myolie and Bosco had great chemistry. All their comedy skills were top notch. The show won Best Series of The Year, and Liza won best actress. "WOIL" along-side with "Life Made Simple" will definitely be remembered as the cream of the crop in TVB comedies.

Comments on "2005 Rollout Over 2004:The Hit Drama & Comedy"


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