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Tuesday, December 30, 2008


How Sad is this? 2008 is going out with "dot dot dot" instead of an exclamation mark. I said a long long long time ago this terrible economy will eventually catch up to TVB and Hong Kong Entertainment. It's just so sad because Ratings are at their lowest in years yet the quality of the series are very good.

The Gem of Life
is such an interesting series in my opinion. All the characters are unique and so developed. The storyline is so interesting. The actors are AMAZING. Ada Choi really does give a breakthrough performance as Jessica. Gigi Lai is so angelic and sweet as Constance, her last TV Character she will portray. Maggie Shiu as Sophia, I just love, such a strong woman. Linda Chung is also very interesting as Elise, she does a great job as a bratty and cunning heiress. The men are also very good too. Moses Chan, Bowie Lam, Wong Hei, John Chiang, Eddie Kwan, and Bosco Wong are all very good in the Gem of Life. The whole series gives access to the rich life, the poor life, and even life in between. I JUST LOVE IT! Yet the ratings are low.... SIGH...

When Easterly Showers Fall on the Sunny West is TVB's longest title that I can remember. I thought this series would be boring nostalgic period drama. It is not!! It's so interesting to watch. The many twists and turns... I just love how the series is about human emotion, love, and kindship during the era. The filming locations are also very beautiful. The actors in the series did a great job. I love Charmaine and Liza in this series. Joe Ma and Raymond Wong also did a great job.

Off Pedder debuted as TVB's new sitcom. Though it's not as good as The Best Selling Secret or Virtues of Harmony it is still very good. I'm just glad its nothing like Welcome to the House which was unbearable after 10 episodes...

On a side note, The Four is also another very good series which I enjoyed after watching the Last One Standing. I'm also watching Legend of the Condor Hero 2008. I think series take me away from this very scary economy which will probably be the economy I will be working in when I graduate. It also helps with school and stress.

P.S. I'm Starting To Get Annoyed with all these TVB Actors leaving and starting music careers instead. I think they should perfect their chops and be the part of good actor instead of having their heart somewhere else. I makes me think they dont really want to TV actors and they are using the fans that through it as a stepping stone.

*** AND HAPPY NEW YEARS EVERYONE!!!!!!!! HAVE A GREAT 2009!!!!! I LOVE ALL YOU GUYS!!! Thank You for Reading and Coming Back to TVB Generation all these years!!!!



Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:57 PM) : 

I do agreed with the actor-turns-singer thing. One or two are fine. But now, it's starting to be too many.

Happy New Year =)


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (7:22 AM) : 

Happy New Year to you with good health, love, and success.

Thanks for keeping your blog alive. :)


Blogger Carmen said ... (3:59 AM) : 

Ohmygoodness, I couldn't agree more. All 3 series are actually very good. Even the currently airing Pages of Treasures has the potential to get high ratings. But unfortunately, the ratings are sooo low. I really hope the ratings will pick up, especially for TGOL. TGOL is a really grand production and also Gigi's last series, sad to see it have such low ratings.

I too agree about the actors/actresses turning to singers thing. Especially those who can't sing well, omigosh, they should just stay as actors/actresses.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year (belated)!


Anonymous AC said ... (9:09 PM) : 

I'm happy with the actors turned singers so far but no more! especially since I hear that Kate Tsui is next! No!!

I think the economy is part of the reason that Gem of Life ratings are so low since I don't think people are in the mood to watch a bunch of rich people when they are unsure of their own economic status! For the storyline, I think it's only ok since it seems to jump too much and parts of it is confusing. For those who want to watch it after missing a few episodes, that can be a little hard.

I did like Pages of Treasures and hoped for better ratings but I think when E.U. shows, the ratings will go back up!


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:53 PM) : 

I also agree


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