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Saturday, July 14, 2007

What Will Get You Farther In Life?

This Shallow World We Live In. I just don't get it anymore. Will exuding sex appeal really get you farther than you basicly doing what you're suppose to? I'm finding this to be the case in any working enviroment for most women. Sad to say, most women dont even need to show up to work on time anymore, just show up late wearing a bit more make-up and loosen up a few buttons on your blouse. I find it wrong but the women I work with tell me its the norm in almost every job that ever had, on top of that some of my closest friends do it too. I finally realized that I have done it also, when I do things like wear short skirts to interviews or talk in a flirtatous manner. It's something that I'm not proud of but its something I found to be very mainstream nowadays.

Even when you look at the entertainment industry with female artists these days. The news report on subjects like certain actresses stealing the limelight by wearing Deep-V blouses, or short shorts revealing their legs, etc. almost everyday

Recently there have been a surge of news and reports banking on actresses like Fala Chen. I must say short skirts, deep-V tops, and bikini shows brought Fala to the peak of her career. She's a leading actresses now. But Leanne Li on the other hand is alot more conservative, and you can see its not taking her career anywhere. They were both MCI winners of the same year but its just remarkable how far Fala is ahead of her. There are even reports that Leanne is now trying to dress more revealingly to go after jobs like Fala. Also hailing from MCI is Vivien Yeo who is also trying to shed her Girl Next Door look and go after a more sexually appealing image. Suki Chui is also a big part of this "era", I cant tell you how many times I've about her C-Cup. Its getting extremely repulsive, and the press goes crazy everytime she appears at a function wearing something even remotely revealing. Even Tracy Ip is rumour to have gotten breast enhancement, and going on dates with rich men.

The "good girls" seem to don't even stand a chance against these girls. The TVB Standings these days almsot resembles a "classic" High School social standings. Mandy Cho for example is completely cut off in terms of her work flow in series because its rumour when she came back from her studies in the U.S. TVB was not happy she left work for over 9 months. Its like god forbid she gets an education, I sympathize with her. Shirley Yeung is also rumour to be frozen because she's to open with her relationship, again its like god forbid she has a steady boyfriend.

In the End You Just Have To Ask Yourself, What Will Get You Farther In Life?


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