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Thursday, July 19, 2007


The Seventh Day Poster: I feel slow because I didnt see the poster for the Seventh Day until this week. I like it, but I'm not sure which half people like better. I heard alot people say one side looks really good, but they dont say which one. Frankly, I absolutely hate the "Fall" side. It looks way too goofy, and childish. What's with the way Bosco is holding Natalie? If Natalie wasn't smiling it would look like she was being attack from behind. Come on, he's got her in a choke hold and she looks like she trying to get out of it, I've never seen any guy hold a girl like that. If a guy came behind me and did that I'll kick in the groin so hard he'll feel it a week from then. The dramatic "Winter" side is suppose look frosty and distress to reflect Kevin & Niki's storyline.

The reason its called the Seventh Day is because in the series Kevin and Bosco born on the seventh day of August. It's a story about how two people born on the same day lead very different lives hence the two sided poster. Bosco is a CEO of a coffee shop while Kevin is a drifter. And as you can guess, Bosco and Natalie's ending will be a lot happier than Kevin and Niki's. For more on the synopsis go to TheTruthLies's site:

There's two reason why TVB hasn't released it along with other series like The Ultimate Crime Fighter, Master of Tai Chi, etc. 1. It's bad and they haven't decided what to do with it yet. 2. Its really good and they want to save it for a special time like the TVB anniversary.

By the way I'm well aware the entire TVB online community is going through The Drive of Life fever. Conversations about it are everywhere. Also, I'm looking forward to watching Miss Hong Kong 2007 that suppose to be happening tomorrow, let me know when TnPlace has upload it PLEASE. Thank you!

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