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Thursday, April 05, 2007

TVB Actors & The All Important Height

I became interested in knowing TVB actors height. For some reason I've become quite biase towards short actors, I find myself saying "He's kinda short, he'll probably will never be a lead actor" when I see a short actor, and I realize it was wrong of me to think that. But lets face it, very few short actors make it in the industry. However, there are exceptions like Eric Tsang.

I am 5'8-173 cm. At times, I feel confident, but sometimes I don't because some of the men are shorter. I think I make my guy friends feel short when I wear heels because I'm 5'11 with 3 inch heels on. But for the most part they're tall too so its not so bad. Girls are also getting tall now, asian girls aren't that short anymore, most of my asian girl friends are 5'6-5'7 or above.

In a society where short is considered a semi-disadvantage, its become crucial to be tall. How do our TVB actors fair? I gathered as much information as I can to a little report. I had to some math too, converting cm to Inches back and forth. In going through some of the information in forums I found that some of the height information is false. I'll just put some little comments if I have something to say about that certain person. Also, if you need to do personal conversions-1 Inch is equal to 2.54 cm.

Bosco Wong: 180 cm-5'11 (Tall)

Bowie Lam-The forum site said Bowie is 5'10. He's is not 5'10! To be blunt, thats a lie. Almost every actress is taller than Bowie. I found data from another site to be alot more accurate, he's about 5'7 1/2 - 5'8, but definitely not 5'10. That's just too ambitous.

Gordon Lam: 174-5'8 1/2. (Medium Height)

Jack Wu-At AF his profile said that he is 173 cm-5'8, but I'm pretty sure he's not 5'8. Another profile stat said he's is 169 cm-5'6 1/2. I kinda believe the second one more because he does look short onscreen.

Joe Ma-He's thought to be the tallest at TVB but he's not, just wait a little bit to see who is. Joe is 6'1 which is really tall.
Joey Leung- 5'7 1/2, If you guys watched Heavenly In Laws Linda is taller than Joey even when she doesn't have heels on.

Kenneth Ma-6 ft (The Ideal Height for alot of men.)

Kevin Cheng-179 cm-5'10 1/2. (Tall)

Lawrence Ng-5'10 1/2. (Tall)

Matthew Ko-6'1 (Very Tall)

Michael Miu-Apparently he's 5'11, but is it just me or he doesn't look it? he's looks like he's 5'9 than 5'11. False info.?

Moses Chan
-6 ft. (Tall, very good height)

Power Chan-5'7 (Sorry... Short.)

Raymond Cho-OK, one site said he's 176cm-5'9, and another said 5'7 1/2 - 5'8. I think the second one is correct because in Welcome To The House, Sharon Chan is taller than him with regular shoes on.

Raymond Lam-180 cm-5'11. (Tall)

Ron Ng-180 cm-5'11. (Tall)

Sammul Chan-182 cm-5'11 1/2 - 6 ft. (Tall)

Wong Hei-178 cm-5'10. (Tall)


Eddie Li: He appeared in many series like Heart of Fencing & Forensic Heroes. He's 6'3, which is REALLY REALLY Tall. Almost too tall to be model or an actor. He looks weird onscreen because he's too tall. He's at a basketball player's height.

UP NEXT: TVB Actresses & The All Important Height.

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Comments on "TVB Actors & The All Important Height"


Blogger xomgxitsxlilix said ... (9:44 PM) : 

Im pretty sure Jack Wu is around 5 feet 6 1/2 to 7 inches. It was said that in order to become a TVB actor, the minimum is 5 ft 7 (if you want to get in by going to the acting school thing), and he is just a little below it, but TVB accepted him or something. (Although he did win a singing competition before that or something, not sure.)

Wow, after reading this, I feel so short xP


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (12:08 AM) : 

Height is really important because it gives you presence. Those guys are pretty tall. The tallest guy in my class is 7 feet.


Blogger hithere05 said ... (12:41 AM) : 

Thanks for sharing this nice article, Asia. :) If I'm not mistaken, you are in 1st year in college now, right? How's school/college so far?

I also thought Joe Ma is the tallest TVB Actor so far. I saw Eddie Li in "The Academy", but have never thought he is 6'3'.

Fortunately, the new Asian generation are getting taller because either they were born in US or overseas or have came here when they were very very little.

My nieces and nephews, who were born in US, are taller than us (adults in the household).

I wish I can be taller.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (1:44 PM) : 

I'm sorry but whatever your height is should not affect how you do in life. It is just a stupid social requirement to be tall. For example, female models have to be at least 5'10 but people that are not that tall does not mean they are less beautiful or talented as other people. Also, height is genetically determined, it has nothing to with where a person is born. There is nothing one can do to make themselves taller so why not accept it and move on with your life.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11:10 PM) : 

Height has genetic disposition but it's also affected by the environment.


Blogger hithere05 said ... (12:11 AM) : 

"Height has genetic disposition but it's also affected by the environment.

11:10 PM "

Yep, you are right because in North America or developing countries, children have better nutrients than underdeveloped countries.

My sisters and their husbands are not tall at tall, but their kids, who were born in US, are really tall now.

My niece, who is in high school now, and she is taller than her dad, which his height is 5'5' and now she is 5'7', she can still grow more.


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (10:19 AM) : 

xomgxitsxlilix, yeah, Jack looks more like he is 169 cm.

anonymous, I agree, height is one of things that gives you presence so models must be tall.

Genetics is only half of what determines your height. Like others have enviroment affect your height too. Like your nutrition.


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