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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Top O.L. Killers Last Year *CoMpLeTeD*

O.L. stands for "Office Ladies". In Hong Kong Office Ladies make up a large portion of the demographic. They are the ones usually working the 9 to 5 jobs, coming home and watching TV at night. They are also the ones who buy entertainment magazines to read at work, and most often they are the ones who vote for popularity awards like The Next Magazine TV Popularity Awards so its crucial to become popular among them.

An OL "Killer" is an actor who basicly have the gain the admiration of these Office Ladies based on their appeal. For example, actors like Ron Ng and Bosco Wong are NOT considered OL Killers because they are too young looking, and do not have the rugged mature men appeal yet.

So who were the top OL Killers of 2006?

Raymond Lam: The older women-younger man have always been considered semi-taboo in any society but the asian society more than any. Raymond gave them a little taste of the quote unquote forbidden fruit. Raymond's character in La Femme Desperado showed a great appreciation for older women openly pursuing Melissa Ng declaring his love, he also had focus on his career. All the business attire also made him look older & more mature. This appealed the OLs leading some newspapers tro call him an OL Killer.

Kevin Cheng: Under The Canopy of Love was a series that revolved around the workplace. There were several OLs in the series, and Kevin played a businessman. He gave them a bit of the "what if" fantasy. What do I mean? Here: "What if a man like him was actually walking around the office?" Through out the series he was dress in very sharp business attire looking very dashing thus adding to the apppeal. His character also ended up being very successful, and women a man who is successful in his love life & career.

Michael Tse: Another character from La Femme Desperado & another businessman. OLs probably considered him an OL Killer because his character was successful and he loves children. But the key part is women ABSOLUTELY LOVE to think that they can change a man. They always have it stuck on the mind set that they can shape & mold their man to become the man of their dream & all women's dreams. Michael's character was a changed man, he went from a cheating husband to a devoted father & spouse, all change by one woman, Sheren Tang. Sadly, in real life men don't change that easily. I'm a firm believer of "Once a cheater, Always a cheater."

Frankie Lam: After FH, Frankie was label an OL Killer, but its nothing new. He's always been an OL Killer. He was one of the top OL killer of the 90's. He attract OLs because his character in FH was very charming and sweet. He was also dressed in classic "OL Killer attire", looking sharp in a business suit. Besides all the onscreen aspect, he is also known for being a very good husband. His public relationship with wife Kenix Kwok gave OLs a very good image of him.

Moses Chan: Moses Chan has a great personality that shines onscreen, and his mature look is definitely appealing to OLs. Although all his series last year were all ancient, he managed to still win over the OLs of the modern day. His image is also very good, he presents himself very well when he is ask about rumoured girlfriends.

Kenny Wong: This one is a no brainer. Kenny Wong was flaunting his body in 80% of his screentime in The Dance of Passion. He followed that up with a billion shirtless pictures from the press taken of him at public promotion events. I think its safe to say that OLs are on the average are 30-40 years old, so it would be weird for them to look at young teenage looking stars shirtless. However, men roughly their age like Kenny serve as eye candy.

Final Remarks & Commentary:
I think the reason people online as a whole view the younger generation artistes as being the most popular, but in reality people in Hong Kong like the OLs dominate in terms of determining who is popular. TVB artistes who become singers might want to target this demographic, because they are the ones working and making money & buying the CDs. Teenagers these days do not buy CDs anymore, they DOWNLOAD, illegally that is. It sad to say I've done it before and I'm sure almost every here has done too.

Anyways, the OL Killer breed will always live on. Over the past few years I'm sure you all have heard of The Legendary OL Killers who's popularity ran rampid in the 90's & early 2000's. Actors like Chilam Cheung, Felix Wong, Deric Wan, Simon Yam, William So, Gallen Lo, Alex Fong Chung Sun, Louis Koo, and the list goes on. I'm keeping my eyes out for other potential OL Killer Hall of Famer.

By the way, I consider myself somewhat of an OL. I'm very attracted to the more mature looking actors because I'm 18 now soon to be in college. If I go crazy over guys like Bosco who attract like mostly 13 year old girls, its just seems silly to me because it makes me feel like I'm one of the young teeny bopper fanatic who are in middle school & meet after everday after school to chat about their idols.

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Comments on "Top O.L. Killers Last Year *CoMpLeTeD*"


Blogger Kimmie said ... (11:42 PM) : 

Interesting post. I consider myself to be an office lady..not from HK but one nevertheless...hehe I would say my "OL Killer" would have to be Steven Ma and Chilam. Steven looks smart and sweet, like he can really spoil a girl. Chilam is oh so adorable that can make a girl go speechless...gasps* and faints*


Blogger xomgxitsxlilix said ... (7:25 PM) : 

i think this post is interesting xD Im not an OL, but only a high school student, so i cant really give my opinion to this xD. But I think Chilam, Michael Tong is pretty good looking =]


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (9:00 PM) : 

im not an office lady, but i love steven ma! he is absolutely adorable. and its true, after FH, i think frankie lam is so sweet hee


Anonymous koala said ... (12:56 PM) : 

Actually, Ron Ng and Bosco Wong are THE OL killers or ONE OF THE OL killers in Hong Kong.

Michael Tse isn't, he's more the housewife killer.

Frankie Lam is kinda iffy, some older OL like in their late 30s may consider him as OL killer, but he's most likely a houswife killer.

But truly indeed, Kenny Wong has become ONE OF THE OL killer because of his muscles!


Anonymous Kerry said ... (2:52 AM) : 

Raymond lam!!~!~ Chilam ~!~ =D


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