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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Random Blogging

I'm sorry for not updating. I've been so busy with school, work, and some personal problems. I'll try my best to get back on track with the site. For now-some random blogging.

Did Anyone Else Notice: I took me almost 2 months to finish the Brink of Law, not because it wasn't good, but I didn't have time. The series overall was very good, I really love the ending. The writers did a really good job bringing it to an end.

But one thing really bother me. The relationship between Stephen Wong Ka Lok & Shirley Yeung in the series. They got married when THEY ARE COUSINS! Stephen's character's mom played by Michelle Yim is the older blood sister to Shirley's dad. I know that the series all they ever did was kiss, but it is a bit strange. I kinda felt like the series was promoting incest which I found a little repulsive.

I've seen series set in ancient times when cousins married each other but most often they are cousins who are related only by marriage or one was adopted. But I never expected a series which is set in the 2000's to have such a weird pairing. Did I miss something? Anyone care to explain, because I just don't get it. The last time I checked incest was illegal in Hong Kong.

How Tall Will You Be??? I know after my height posts I might of spark some curiosity for people to know how tall they will be. Here is a website I found that has growth calculator which predicts how tall you will be when you are an adult based on your parent's height, your gender, and your weight. Keep in mind that genetics determines about only half of what your height will be so these numbers only serve as a basis. Your enviroment affects the other half with stuff like nutrition & wellness.

Here Is The Site:

*The site give you two different method to test, but I found that The Gray Method Predictor is more accurate for me. I think results may vary.

Comments on "Random Blogging"


Anonymous s h a w said ... (2:00 AM) : 

In HK society, you can NOT marry your cousin if fathers from both side are brothers. This cousins relationship is called 堂 (tong).

Other cousin relationships is called 表 (biu). If your father is the brother of your cousin's mom, or vice versa, or your mom and your cousin's mom are sisters, all are considered 表 (biu). This cousins are allowed to marry.

I hope you are not getting more confused.


Blogger savvy kate said ... (1:22 PM) : 


thanks for the info, Shaw. i think it's quite silly to seperate it into 2 different relationships like that and allow one and condemn the other, cuz it's virtually the same!!

even in the cases that they are "far" cousins that get married in tvb series, i still feel weird about it!!
i was literally mapping out raymond & sharon's family map 2 figure out how they were related and relieved when i heard them say they were seperated by 3 generations! lol!

i didn't notice how weird it was that they got married though they were such 'close' cousins cuz i didn't really watch much of this series....until my mom pointed out 2 me it was incest. i think it's ok if they are allowed 2 be married after he has not much chance of walking again, cuz then there'd be no chance of them having kids that might turn out weird cuz they're cousins. but BEFORE he was in the accident, michelle didn't mind that shirley liked him!!! maybe it's a rich-ppl-keep-money-in-the-family she didn't mind.

now that shaw said that, i guess it's not always a weird or unacceptable thing for people...
but i would think for ppl in general (not talking about rich families), it would be frowned upon if u date and you're close cousins with the "biu" relationship.
i know i've heard a few times in tvb series that cousins shouldn't marry each other. but now that i think of it, the times that cousins might be dating far outnumber the times that they are KEPT FROM dating cuz they're cousins!! but this includes ancient series too, when i guess they are not aware of the problems of cousins getting married...

but i only remember 1 specific time when it was referred to as incest: in DIF 3, when joey leung and margaret chung were told by his mom that if they were dating, it would be incest. (but of course, turns out she wasn't his cousin after all, which was a big reason he didn't think of dating her before.)

this is an interesting topic u could post about sometime!! tvb series that have cousins dating/get married!!
i remember that lawrence & maggie were cousins in Police Station No. 7, but i think they were the "far" type, too....i can't remember any others right now, but i'm sure there are many cases of this happening in tvb series.....


Blogger savvy kate said ... (1:27 PM) : 

oh, i mean raymond cho & sharon chan's characters in welcome to the house!!


u know, this also makes me think of when they have the literal BROTHER-SISTER relationships in tvb series!! like the bosco-sharon relationship in LWOLAP, where they thought they were brother and sister for a while!!! or the sad ones, where it turns out they really are brother and sister....i remember chilam and noel in some ancient series where they couldn't be together cuz of that...


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:58 PM) : 

I am not a Chinese so I was so surprise to learn from TV series that cousins are able to get marriage. Then I asked my step-grand-mom who is Chinese heritage and she explained briefly that because maternal cousins have different last names so basically they can get marriage. (I also hear from my friend who is Chinese that two person who share the same last name is not able to marry. And I found it's a little bit weird, like Kenix Kwok can't date and marry Aaron Kwok - just a joke). For instance, if my last name is Nguyen and my cousin's is Tran, we can be husband and wife.


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