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Sunday, November 12, 2006

>>> TVB-G Extensive Fashion Commentary *UpDaTeD* <<<

>>> Cant Get Enough? If you cant seem to get enough of the fashion & glamour of that night then this video is for you. Its full coverage of the red carpet entrance. A full ten minutes introducing every artiste that was there that night showcasing their fashion. Credit To


The Fashion Double Vision: I'm sorry to have to call him out like this, but its only in good fun. Raymond gave me this this doublevision through his layering technique. The first time Raymond wore the white dress shirt with the thin leather tie was at a promotional event. The second time Raymond wore the same thing layer with a black coat. And at the anniversary he wore it again with the added vest & blazer. In the entertainment world its consider a fashion felony to wore something twice at major events. Raymond really seem to love that shirt & tie.

. : The Fabolous: First of all, credit to Xiao@Cinple for the model pics & fashion designer info. I love Gigi Lai's Valentino dress, very elegant. Vivien Yeo looks stunning (she looks alittle like Nnadia Chan), I love her dress, belted dresses are very hot right now, Gigi also wore one. Kathy Chow's dress wasn't too revealing but it complimented her curves very nicely. Charmaine's Nina Ricci dress wasn't too colorful or revealing but it was definitely very sophisticated. Bernice's dress was beautiful, I love the gold color, people say her top is transparent, I kinda think it is also. I think Bernice didnt expect the flash to be that strong.

>> The Good: (Ada's Complete Attire) - (The red stockings + shoes that made her feet blend in with the red carpet) = Perfection. Linda, Shirley, Sonjia, & Myolie all wore good oufits that I really like. Although I like Myolie's Donna Karren dress, I must admit I like the dress she wore last year more. Sheren's dress looks so familiar, but I just cant seem to remember where I saw it before.

: : The So So: Tavia yeung's Giles dress would be good if those giant christmas stocking pockets weren't there. Nancy Wu, Angela Tong, & Sharon Chan's attire weren't horrible but they weren't that good. Nancy however gets honorable mention because she's known for being "flat" but she manage to pick a dress that enhanced her bust. Overall, I dont hate but I dont love it.

- - The Just Plain Bad: OMG, what is Joe Ma wearing? The fur jacket looks like it was made for a woman. The pants and boots looks like it's from the Michael Jackson collection. Kate Tsui looks like a hobo. I love Leila but she looks like she's attending a ho-down, all set and ready to square dance. I dont even know what the heck Natalie Tong is wearing. Yoyo Mung's dress is a train wreck.

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