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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

::: My Final Predictions On The Awards :::

The Award ceremony will be held on Nov. 10th. Only a couple days away. I did an early on prediction and now its time for my final prediction.

But before I go on I wanted to highlight some of my thoughts on commentaries given regarding the Top 5 list.

NOBODY REPLACED ANYBODY!!!!!!! This statement gets on my last nerves! Gigi didn't get replace by Charmaine! Raymond didn't get replace by Adam! Moses didnt get Replace by Kevin! THEY GOT MORE VOTES THEN THEM! And No its not fixed, the 30% - 70% system doesnt not mean TVB executives gets to pick the Top 5. Top 5 is base solely on votes, the 70% weighted value of TVB executives voting counts only in the end when they vote in the end for the actual winner with public voting added.

If you don't like the results, you should first ask yourself if you voted. Half way through voting it was revealed in the news the leading contender didn't even get votes totaling in the 3 digits yet. Charmaine's fan base is HUGE, they are very devoted, take SehSeh for example, voting instructions were setup at SehSeh's blog helping alot of Charmaine fans and many others vote. I voted twice, I have two accounts with TVB, an old one from a year ago, and a new one I made last month because I thought I lost my password. I bet you most of the bitter people who trash talked other nominees in Forums just because their Fav. Stars didnt make it didnt even vote. I really hated when they dont register with TVB and go through some hassle to vote, but they still get mad when their Fav stars dont make it.

Now that got that off my chest lets get on with my final prediction.

RED = Who Will Win
BLUE = Who I Personally Want To Win (Emphasis On Personal)

TVB Best Actor Awards Top 5 - People are mad because of the out list, but what's done is already been done. Lets take the Top 5 head on and see who you want to win, and not who you wanted to make the list. In the end, nobody is going to rember second place so lets just see who will win.

1. Kevin Cheng - Under The Canopy Of Love (Made it to Top 5, which I'm happy about, but its clearly not his time yet)
2. Adam Cheng - Bar Benders
3. Bowie Lam - The Dance Of Passion (He's is SO CONFIDENT about this award, it leaves me to think that he actually might win for real.)
4. Damain Lau - Men In Pain
5. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow

TVB Best Actress Awards Top 5 - Charmaine doubling her chances for this award, just comes to show you having alot fans has its benefit.

1. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado
2. Ada Choi - The Dance Of Passion
3. Charmaine Sheh - The Dance Of Passion
4. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow

5. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

Top 5 - TVB Best Supporting Actor Awards

1. Wayne Lai - Safe Guards

2. Johnson Lee - Welcome To The House
3. Kenny Wong - The Dance Of Passion (I also personally want him to win also)
4. Sammul Chan - Maiden's Vow
5. John Chiang - Land Of Wealth

Top 5 - TVB Best Supporting Actress Awards

1. Shirley Yeung - Always Ready
2. Kingdom Yeun - Welcome To The House
3. Rebecca Chan - Men In Pain
4. Kiki Sheung - Maiden's Vow
5. Gigi Wong - To Grow With Love

Top 5 - Most Favorites Character - Actor

1. Steven Ma - Safe Guards
2. Adam Cheng - Bar Benders
3. Raymond Lam - La Femme Desperado
4. Bowie Lam - The Dance Of Passion
5. Joe Ma - Maiden's Vow

Top 5 - Most Favorite Character - Actress
Charmaine doubling her chances again!

1. Niki Chow - Under The Canopy Of Love
2. Sheren Tang - La Femme Desperado
3. Charmaine Sheh - The Dance Of Passion
4. Charmaine Sheh - Maiden's Vow
5. Myolie Wu - To Grow With Love

Top 5 - Best Host

1. Amigo Chui
2. Liza Wang
3. Sam Mei
4. Ronald Cheng
5. Adam Cheng

Most Improved: Nothing yet on this Top 5, but I already have my predictions.

Most Improved Actress-Linda Chung
Most Improved Actor-Kevin Cheng

Comments on "::: My Final Predictions On The Awards :::"


Blogger lily said ... (1:34 AM) : 

i agree with you most of them i really want my fav star to win but then its not thier time


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