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Friday, November 10, 2006

>>> Commentary On TVB Anniversary Winner's List <<<

(11/11/06) *hey guys, just finish watching the award show. I was very confuse by the different top 5 that was shown in some categories. I'm assuming its because of the TVB executive votes. If not, its already in the past, I'm not pay that much attention to the nominee lists when the winners are already revealed. Don't get confuse by a few comments in the post though, I wrote it based on top 5's that were revealed in the newspapers & tv reports.* -Asia XOXO

Finally Over... After a month and a half of anticipation, the Award Ceremony was held last night. The winners were finally revealed. I myself havent watched the show, still hunting down, I stop using BT because its too slow. I'm really just keeping an eye onTVB Square & Metal's forum for the download. Until then I'll give some commentary on the winners.

2006-An Awsome Year For TVB Actors Whose Name Begins With A 'K': How coincidental is this? Last time I check TVB only has 3 actors with an English name that starts with a K under their management, and all three of them won an award. Kevin Cheng, Kenneth Ma, & Kenny Wong showed that aside from T,V, & B, the letter K was the letter of the night.

2006-An Awsome Year For The Always Ready Female Cast: Always Ready got bad ratings but at least it served as a lucky charm for the female cast. The top three leading ladies on AR, Charmaine, Shirley, & Linda all won awards.

. : Congrats Kevin!!: Everyone has their own personal favorite, and I just want to say congrats to mine. I must admit I'm extremely delighted about his win being that I'm a long time supporter of Kevin.

>>>>> Commentary By Asia <<<<<<

Best Actress Award: Charmaine Sheh ("Maiden's Vow"): What can you say? She was the Hot Favorite to win. It was either her or Myolie, and it was clear she had the upper hand. Charmaine had 5 series that aired this TVB year (AR, LWOLAP, DOP, MV, & GD) and eight different characters for viewers to remember.

I feel that Myolie will alright, she probably win next year, maybe when War & Destiny will air. Its kinda sad that Myolie gained all that weight but walked away empty handed.

Best Actor Award: Kevin Cheng ("Under the Canopy of Love"): Trust me, I'm as surprise as much as you guys are. Nonetheless, I'm very happy & glad that he won. Everyone knew that from the top 5, Damian & Adam weren't gonna win. The real battle were between Kevin vs. Joe vs. Bowie.

Joe & Kevin were labeled by the press as the hot favotite to win. However, Joe has a lower chance since he isn't under TVB management. So it became Bowie Vs. Kevin. I must say Bowie Lam is one ARROGANT actor. The overly Cocky actor basicly proclaimed himself the winner, even telling Moses Chan to wait a couple more years. In the end, I'm happy Kevin won over Bowie.

The Most Favorite Male Character Award: Steven Ma ("Safe Guards"): Poor Steven. He injured his eye while filming, hope he heals soon. Congrats to him for winning this award. I thought for sure that Joe or Raymond would have won this award, but Steven's character in Safe Gaurd was very likable also.

The Most Favorite Female Character Award: Charmaine Sheh ("Maiden's Vow"): Charmaine Doubled her chances of an award by being the hot favorite in two categories. She double her chances by being there twice in each category for two different series. So thats why it wasn't such a big surprise to me that she won two awards. But I swear I thought Myolie Wu would have at least won this award.

Best Series: "La Femme Desperado": It was either LFD. Personally I really enjoyed watching LFD more so I was glad it won. At least Sheren got a little bit of recognition.

Best Supporting Actress: Shirley Yeung Si Kei ("Always Ready"): Shirley pulled off the most clever & sneaky upset of the night. She beat out Rebecca Chan, Kiki Sheung, Kingdom Yeun, and Gigi Wong. They all must have at least a decade of experience on her, but I guess people felt she deserved it, maybe she wont be underated anymore. I totally didnt see this coming though.

Best Supporting Actor: Kenny Wong Tak Bun ("Dance of Passion"): In the early prediction I did, I predicted that either Wayne Lai or Kenny will win. But when the TVB Annniversary got closer and closer I honestly thought either Raymond Cho or Jonhson Lee would win. But towards the end, Kenny chances were looking really good with a spot in the top 5. Sure enough he won.

Most Improved Male Actor: Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming ("The Herbalist's Manual"): Yay! Kenneth won. I'm so happy that he won, he was awsome in Love Guaranteed. I read that the win came to him as quite a shock, but recent press reported that he stole the limelight away from Andy Hui in To Grow With Love gave him alot of positive publicity. He has alot of charm or personality also so I'm glad he won.

Most Improved Female Actress: Linda Chung Ka Yan ("Always Ready"): Not much to say about Linda. I think we all knew that she would win since Bernice had no series that aired this year. Congrats Linda!

Comments on ">>> Commentary On TVB Anniversary Winner's List <<<"


Blogger hithere05 said ... (12:44 AM) : 

The best actress award doesn't surprise me at all because between Charmaine and Myolie, I think TVB will give it to Charmaine. However, Charmaine doesn't deserve to win two awards , at least give the favorite female character to either Sheren, Ada, Gigi, or Myolie.

As much as I like Kevin, but I don't think it's his year to win yet. Damien, Adam, Bowie, Steven, Joe, and Moses' performance are better than him.

But, it's okay...I don't upset at the award because he is favored by TVB right now, so I understand why he wins. Congrats to Kevin! :)

I just finished watching the "Award Ceremony" show and Bowie looked very cooky, so I guess Kevin wins at least better than him.

He looked very handsome in the night so that is why it was his night. :) I like how he shook his hands with the actors and actresses in the front row when his name was announced.

Gigi Lai even gave him a light hug..awww...cute...who wouldn't?? Because he looked very handsome in that suit (best outfit...voted by me in and best hairstyle of the actors in that night.

I'm really really happy that Kenneth Ma wins for the "Most Improved Actor" Award because he is the most deserving for this award besides Sammul Chan.

Also, from the "Acceptance Speech" that Jayne translated, he is thanked his fans. He was very very nervous and his speech was stutter and Myolie laughed so hard so as the audiences. But, it was cute. :)

Eventhough, Linda's acting is pretty good for a newcomer, but I feel bad for Leila and Bernice because last year and this year, the newcomer got the award from them. I hope one of them will win next year.

LFD and Steven's award are well-deserved.

Kenny Wong is pretty good in "DOP" but I think either Wayne Lai, Power Chan, or Derek Kwok are more deserving than him especially Wayne Lai.

I already watched "Always on Standby" and Shirley's acting is not outstanding in that serie, so I think this award should be given to other older supporting actresses who always act as supporting actresses.

After I watched the "Award Ceremony Show". I felt bad for Tavia because she started her career as almost the same year as Myolie Wu and Tavia's performance is as good as Myolie or equally good as Myolie.

But, Tavia sat in the third role with almost every newcomers (Linda and others). Whereas, Myolie is now in the top row next to the experienced actresses.

Asia or anyone please tell me what did Carol Cheng asked Gigi and Ada after she asked Myolie (the part after Charmaine received her "Favorite Character Award")?

Also, what did Liza Wang say about the nominations for the "Best Actor" award before she announced who was the winner and same thing as Roger, he said something before he read the winner for "Best Actress" Award? Thanks a zillion for the translation. :)


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (8:39 AM) : 

In was in the news also. Carol Cheng interviewed Myolie, asking if she was relieved by Charmaine winning fav character and Myolie replied awkwardly: "I am afraid I won't win anything at all! I don't know." Carol continued pushing and asking Myolie what her chances were of taking the Best Actress award, but Myolie could only say: "I have very mixed feelings at the moment." Carol commented that Myolie was not being very truthful, but to be fair, she moved her questions onto the other nominees for Best Actress, making Gigi Lai quite embarrassed. Asked later about going home empty handed, Myolie was very reflective: "I was afraid of winning an award because I don't feel I deserve one yet. I felt the result was very reasonable. I am sorry if I disappoint my fans who have supported me, I will try again next year."


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