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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

.: Weird TVB Pairings, But Breaking Barriers :.

+ ?

.: Think I'm Kidding?: Think again. I'm dead serious. I watched the video shown on your left, I was so suprise when I was done. I also read the message that Jing said its from the new series Super Cops. I finally remember Kevin does play a gay character in his cameo role. I really didnt expect him to actually be paired up somebody, I just thought the storyline tells that he's gay & thats the end of it. I've done a feature saying Kevin & Kanin look alike, and now the storylines tells that they're together. I guess these are breakthrough roles actors are always looking for.

This has got be the weirdest Love Square in TVB history. Apparently Kevin is gay and together with Kanin, but the all mighty Gigi Lai turns him straight again, but Gigi & Moses are also in love. Definitely not the average plot for a Cop series.

.: Breaking The Homosexuality Barrier: I find there's nothing wrong with homosexuality. TVB and asian society is still very conservative on the issue. I kinda think TVB is slowly trying break down the barrier. TVB has had many gay characters in series, for instance, Bobby Au-Yeung's brother in Take My Word For It, that was quite controversial because the series made homosexuality look like a sickness because in the end he went back to being straight and everyone was proud of him & happy. TVB also had Cherrie Kong & Eileen Yeow paired up in Placebo Cure which still hasn't aired yet. That series was quite controversial also because they had a kissing scene.

Now TVB is adding another chapter, most likely because Brokeback Mountain was a success & they found people arent that much against homosexuality anymore. I think TVB viewers will soon wont care about this anymore & accept it. But I highly doubt that there will be a day when fans will be celebrating homosexual pairings like they do with LJ, Ron & Ella in forums by displaying avatars & banners. But can you imagine though, banners saying Ron+Raymond or even Charmaine+Sonjia. Not that there is anything wrong with it, its just a little weird.

Comments on ".: Weird TVB Pairings, But Breaking Barriers :."


Blogger Aneeduh said ... (11:54 PM) : 

what's offensive is that they think they can turn someone who is homosexual into a heterosexual. That's just irresponsible, because I have yet to find a case of this happening, unless the person find God or something. Why not just say they're bisexual.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:40 AM) : 

wonder what episode the kiss was in Placebo Cure


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