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Monday, July 10, 2006

>> Early On Analysis <<

. : Analyzing: Since more than half the year has past & the TVB Anniversary 2006 is fast approaching, I decided to to do early on analysis of the future winners this year. The Anniversary is closer than you think, the pageant season is almost over, and the Lightning Ceremony to announce the nominees will be held early October. I will do four a four part early analysis on four categories of this year's award, The Improved Awards, The Best Supportings, The Best Leading Actor, and Best Leading Actress base soley on what we've seen so far. I will do full predictions later on once all of this year's series have aired.

>>>> The Most Improved Awards <<<<

. : The Most Improved Actress - The Contenders:

Most likely Bernice will be on the ballot again for this award. If she is, she has the biggest chance of winning since the award was supported by the public to belong to her last year. I think TVB will let her have it, she has done alot of series this year along with the Lady in Red CD.

If Bernice isn't gonna be on the ballot, I'm confident Linda Chung will take home this award. TVB is promoting her like crazy, she's already a leading actress in a mere two years in the industry. She's moving so fast, at this rate she might be on the ballot for Best Actress by next year or maybe even this year, definitely a force to be reckon with...

The other two contenders I think are Sharon Chan & Leila Tong. Sharon has been slowly improving in series like LWOLAP & TS. Leila is also a contender for Bar Benders, but she hasn't been focusing on filming series, but rather on movies so I think Sharon has a better chance than her. Her chances might increase once War & Destiny airs.

. : The Most Improved Actor - The Contenders:

This year's winner is like the last three years, pretty predictable. Three years ago-Raymond, the year before-Ron, last year-Bosco. This year... Not to be biase because I'm a Kevin fan but lets get real, Kevin has the biggest chance of winning. TVB is using this marketing tactic, the F4 or commonly the fab four. Raymond, Ron, Bosco, & Kevin. All of the other three are already winners of this award, coincidently in chronological order. Its almost at a point where your asking yourself sarcasticly "Geez, I wonder who's gonna win it this year?".

The other two most likely contenders are Kenneth Ma & Sammul Chan. Kenneth Ma most likely will be nominated for LFD, but I read he's no longer favored by TVB anymore so I'm unclear about his odds. Sammul has improved alot but he's not under TVB management, plus he has express he's aiming for the mainland market so I think his chances are slim.

The other possible nominees are wild cards. For some reason I have a gut feling Lai Lok Yi will make it, just because TVB has nobody else. I want Michael Tong to be a nominee because I think he's deserving. Jack Wu would be a good choice too, but I'm not sure if he'll make it.

>> So Who Do You Think Are Worthy of Winning The Most Improved Awards?

Comments on ">> Early On Analysis <<"


Blogger Nhu...TVBfans said ... (9:00 PM) : 

my is gonna be Linda as a most improved actress....n Kevin as most improving actor


Blogger mOOn said ... (4:55 AM) : 

my guess is to bernice liu for the most improved actress.if its not bernice,leila will get it. leila works for tvb for such a long time and she did a great job for so many years. linda chung really got a lot to improve in her acting as well as HER SINGING! she did made into the Lady In Red album but i think she still not deserve to take the award yet.many after 2 years,its her time. for sharon,i think she did a great actress but she has no luck if her competitive is bernice and leila. maybe its not her time yet. i think shirley yeung will make as contenders. did she win the award before??

for the most improved actor, i put my bet on kevin cheng or kenneth. last year,kenneth made it to best supporting actor as well as most improved actor. but too bad,bosco is one of the hot one last year. i think he did a great job in LFD. kevin is a great actor in TS and also UTCOL and i really hope he will win this award this year. both of his drama get a great rating in hong kong. as for sammul,i didnt watch any of his drama this year yet,i think he didnt have the chance this year to get the award but he definitely one of the contenders (since he is one of the olympic 6 guys). for other contenders, i really cannot think of anyone else. maybe its chris lai or maybe is raymond cho again. i love raymond cho also. he is great actor also.


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