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Thursday, June 01, 2006

: : : : : TVB's Sleeping Beauties : : : : :

::: Once Upon a Time ::: Many of you might be wondering what exactly do I mean by sleeping beauties. I've had these thoughts in my mind for a very long time, and its about time I let the fairytale be told. I had my awakening about this for quite sometime now, and the release of the TVB "Lady in Red" album spark my interest even further. I really was surprise at two ladies who wasnt able to wear red. Particularly Tavia Yeung & Shirley Yeung. As the story is told the princess was put sleep by the evil witch, so who is the witch? TVB's top executive Ms. Lok Yi Ling who had the final say?

::: Princess Tavia ::: Tavia is an awsome actress who is still doing supporting roles, which still is kinda hard to understand to me. Even her fans say she is better as a supporting than leading, but I still think she deserves an opportunity at least to show truly which one she is better at. I was so surprise she wasn't included in the "Lady In Red" album because she sang beautifully in her rendition of Kevin Cheng's "Three Face Triangle", and her duet with Ron Ng in "Test Love". I guess TVB had the final say and Vivien Yeo apparently was a better choice. I love Vivien but Tavia clearly has better vocals than her.

I think Tavia is a Sleeping Beauty in the way that she is silent, solemn but still deadly in her in her own rights. I highly doubt she cares what roles she gets or whether she was choosen to sing in the album or not. I think she is going in the direction Marianne Chan was heading, to be a business woman. Tavia is busy with her Arts & Craft store which she owns & run while filming series. Some might say being an actress is her part time job. Tavia, sleeping but snoring loud?

::: Princess Shirley ::: Shirley only appeals to a selective group of TVB fans because not that many people get who she really is. Her roles in series are getting smaller & smaller, going from leading in series "In The Realm of the Fancy" & "Angels of Mission" to nothing but supporting roles now. Shirley was once very favored by TVB winning the most improved actress award in 2004, but now many actresses are ahead of her in success, and progression. Linda Chung, one of her closest friend is now ahead of her in status. Evidence going from smaller role than Shirley in "Always Ready" to a larger one in "The Bitter Bitten".

Shirley, I thought for sure was going to be included in the "Lady in Red" album but sadly she was excluded. Shirley had profess in many articles & interviews that she has been practicing singing, and hopes to be a part of the album. After she won the international Chicago TV Award, I thought she saved her spot on the CD, but I guess TVB didn't care, not one bit apparently. I think Shirley wont be sleeping in the future, because I've heard many film comapny have their eyes on her since she won the Chicago TV Award.

Comments on ": : : : : TVB's Sleeping Beauties : : : : :"


Blogger xobadtzmary said ... (3:01 AM) : 

both actress won the most improve award and after the roles went to a min. only successful that is current is myolie. makes me wonder if winning that award is worth it?


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