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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

TVB-G Vixens: Sailor Moon

Why Sailor Moon?: Before I begin I want to make it clear this is not a "Re-Casting", this is just an idea for a blog I had while I was looking at some Sailor Moon clips. Originally was looking up a Kylie Minogue video called in your eyes on youtube and this video show up (Shown up on your left). It brought back alot memories back when I used to watch it all the time. I always thought it was a really cool show, because it was based on the idea of a group of young women playing the role of super heroes for a change, I thought it was pretty empowering. I thought the show was sheer brilliance, and I was extremely interested to the show.

The show was a huge hit across Asia, and the U.S. I had a little silly childhood dream to be one of the Sailor Scouts, but that was in the past. Right about now Im just thinking it would be interesting to see a Movie version, but with an added twist of the Sailor Scouts potrayed by TVB vixens. This is not a re-casting so I didnt really put much reasoning to it, but rather basic instincts & who I liked to portray the roles. If you happen to get a chance, check out the video, its an awsome video & song that you might enjoy while reading this post.

The Sailor Scouts...

Sailor Moon: I really didnt have an idea on who should portray such an unique character. This was too much pressure, and I really didnt have a first instinct so I will leave this potrayal up to the readers to decide.

Sailor Jupiter-Bernice Liu: Sailor Jupitor was my favorite character. Such an adorable character with a lovely super hero/vixen appeal. She's also pretty tomboy, my first instinct went to Bernice who played alot of Tom boyish character.

Sailor Mercury-Leila Tong: I picked Leila simply because this was my instinct, and I really do think they have alot things in common. Both to me are young, intelligent, & cute.

Sailor Mars-Sharon Chan: Fiery hot Sailor Mars was very fierce with her character traits and her ability to control flame. I chose Sharon because it was an instinct, something about Sharon comes off as very fierce almost with "dont play with fire because you're gonna get burn" written on her forehead.

Sailor Venus-Niki Chow: I chose Niki by intuition, there is something about her that is sweet with a tough side, sort of how I feel about Sailor Venus's nature. Both are just very likable.

Sailor Neptune-Tavia Yeung: I think Sailor Neptune looks so lovely and soft. Tavia came to mind because of the same lasting impression that had on me. Besides there is something about the way they both look that seems very right.

Sailor Uranus-Kate Tsui: I really am starting to like Kate Tsui, she is really making her way to my good list. I pick her not because she was rumor to be frozen for talking about "Uranus". I pick her because of the fact that she comes off to be very feisty like a Sailor Uranus. You might not see it because of the hair, but besides that I think its very fitting.

Sailor Pluto-Ada Choi: This was pure intuition, both elegant and beautiful. I think Sailor Pluto is one of the prettiest anime characters I've ever seen perfectly intune with Ada who I think is one of the prettiest actresses I've seen.

Sailor Saturn-Linda Chung: Another one of my instincts, Linda share alot of the same nature with Sailor Venus, but only oncreen in some of her series though. I happen to find a picture of her where she looks very similar, but very different from the usual Linda we see, I barely recognized her.

Comments on "TVB-G Vixens: Sailor Moon"


Blogger Baat Por said ... (12:08 AM) : 

haha great choices in the re-casting of sailor moon. i was a big fan too when i was a kid.

i was wondering did u know that they made a live action version of sailor moon in japan? haha its about 46 episodes with an extended ending episode. i watched a while ago. here is some pictures of the cast:

they look weird in the pics, but the look much better on screen if u watch it.


Blogger Baat Por said ... (12:11 AM) : 

oops forgot the pics:


Blogger lily said ... (1:19 AM) : 

linda looks soo wierd! lol and sailor moon my fav character beside sailor mini moon. yea wat bout mini moon? any lil mini actor kids u know. im not sure about mini bout i like ariel lin to be sarena. soo perfect although she not chinese. baat por u can find it at youtube or


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