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Monday, June 12, 2006

: : : Those Perfect Pearly Whites : : :

Quick Announcement: I've spent the last two days fixing the resolution problem with the layout so smaller resolution will no loger have problems viewing the site. I also fixed the problem with the site that cause Firefox browsers conflicts. If you still see any problems try refreshing the page first. It was so frustrating, and I was so tired afterward I kinda gave up on updating, but I'm back at work today refreshed.

Perfect Pearly Whites: After I did the last teeth feature I recieved alot of traffic, and comments on the post so I decided to expand it like I said I would with artistes with great teeth. If you missed our first bad teeth post click HERE to view it. Lets spotlight some artistes with amazingly perfect teeth.

Interesting Side Note: When I was looking through some photos, I found alot artistes with really bad teeth who soon later was pictured with really great teeth. Roger Kwok was the one rumored to have fake teeth, and he was also one of the artistes I spotted with crooked teeth who very soon later had nice teeth. So braces or dental implants? I guess we'll never know the truth just specualtions...

Some Lovely Pearly Whites:

Bernice Liu: Bernice has a very charming smile and I'm pretty sure everyone has probably have known that she has perfect teeth. I'm guessing Bernice like everyone else who are beauty pageant winners had braces as a kid. I think Bernice will soon have a advertisement deal with Colgate or Crest with teeth like those.

The UTCOL Couple: This onscreen couple can't stop showing off their perfect teeth. They even had what looks like a smiling contest to show them off. Niki I know for a fact had braces when she was young like her sister, Kathy Chow Man Kei, who also has amazingly perfect teeth. I dont know if Kevin had braces or not though, but it seems like if he did. If he didnt he's one of the people who are putting orthodontists out business, but trust me they wont be out of business anytime soon with almost everyone getting them now.

The Good, The Bad, The Soon To Be Spotlighted, Stay Tuned For More...

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