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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

>>The Road To Stardom Part I : TVB's Acting Class<<

>>The Road To Stardom: Potential future artistes might want to take awareness of this article. If you just happen to be interested in this topic like I am then just tune in for more. This is just part I of many other spotlighting pieces on how you can join TVB, and become an artiste. Part I will focus on the famous TVB acting school.

>>TVB Acting School: Recently I read a very interesting article on the acting school. The article was very enlightening, and informative. Click HERE if you are interested. I've combine & summarize that article with other articles I've read, and also prior knowledge to help anyone here who is interested in joining.<<

>>About The School: Although its famous, and popularly refered to as a school, TVB promotes as a training program for up and coming TV talents. TVB's acting "program", with a hands-on, condensed curriculum, is practical and abbreviated unlike performing art colleges which are very time consuming and can take up to years to graduate. The school has gotten international attention because it was the starting ground for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon star Chow Yun-fat, Cannes best-actor winner Tony Leung Chiu-wai and comic director Stephen Chow of Shaolin Soccer. It was also where famous HK stars like Carina Lau, Andy Lau, and young stars like Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, and Tavia Yeung.<<

>>What You Will Learn: The class is only three months long initially, sorta like a boot camp, then extending to a total of six months in crash course. Apart from stage theory and basics on TV production, trainees also learn hosting, makeup, dance and martial arts. You will be teach how to deal with positiong of cameras, and how to adapt transitions. Tavia Yeung said instructors prepare students psychologically for the realities of the entertainment industry. <<

>>An Exclusive Inside Look At The School, Instructor Sam Lam Drilling Vin Choi, and Mr. HK Matthew Ko.<<

>>Requirements For Joining: The "program" is open to the public with mandatory requirements that must be met inorder to join, unless you are a pageant winner. For example, 37 years old Rocky Cheng, last year's Mr. HK runner up is too old to join the acting program by requirement but since he is a well known winner TVB allowed him to be train at the school pardoning him from meeting the requirements. I think the same goes for other special winners like MHK, TVB Magazine Model Search, and even Minute To Fame winners. Over all the following mandatory requirements must be met:

*Age: 17-27
*Height: 5'3 or above for female & 5'8 or above for male
*Vision: People with eye sight problems, must wear contact lenses
*Language Art: Must be able to read Chinese and speak Cantonese fluently
*Education: Form 5 or above (I'm guessing High School for Overseas)
*Residency: Must be Hong Kong citizen (Must have a HK ID)

*Application: I've downloaded the application for the last acting class. I've uploaded it so you guys can download it to further examine other things you might need.
DL Link:

Hope You Enjoyed This Featured Article, Look For "The Road To Stardom" Pieces In The Near Future...

Comments on ">>The Road To Stardom Part I : TVB's Acting Class<<"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (5:52 AM) : 

I'm really grateful for your post, it has given me useful infos, but I would just like to confirm.. it's a MUST to be a Hong Kong citizen to join TVB?


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