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Thursday, June 15, 2006

>>Look Alike Submission: Niki Chow & Elaine Yiu<<

~Look Alike Submitted By 'Charm'Fan'~

>>>Niki Chow & Elaine Yiu a.k.a. The Most Hated Girl In TVB Entertainment<<<: First off, I doing a minor update today, because I'm feeling tired, but even more worried because I get my wisdom teeth pulled tomorrow so I'm gonna have ice packs glued to my face all weekend. Now lets talk about this look alike. I think Niki is alot prettier than Elaine. But in these submitted pictures I do see resemblances, maybe only at certain angles and photos do they show up. I guess its because of the teeth, Elaine has a noticeable overbite that makes her upper teeth stick out. By the way, I would like to add that I've never seen so much hatred towards an actress, everywhere I go people say they hate Elaine, even refused to watch Safe Gaurd because of her, overall very negative. I'm surprise TVB is promoting her so much.

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