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Saturday, June 03, 2006

>>> Asia Blog: Louis Koo's Naked Ambition... <<<

Intro: So my friend let borrow a bunch of DVDs, and I decided to watch Louis Koo's Naked Ambition because I read it was the first movie where Louis was the producer. I expected brief nudity, because it was a category III movie, but turns out it was a borderline porno. I'll do a short rundown on the movie, there's not that many things to talk about. Just sex, sex, more sex, and did I mention sex?

What I Like About It: I only like the storyline about Eason Chan, and Louis Koo being best friend with a sweet friendship, but it was always spoil by some topless girl entering the scene.

No Bed Scenes Just Sex Scenes: This movie had SO MANY sex scenes its not even funny. Louis had sex with so many girls I dont think I could have kept count even if I tried. He had sex with his girlfriend, and even a hooker... Eason was second lead, but still had his share of sex scenes. Louis & Eason will end with an image of a pimp once you're was done with the movie.

Louis & Niki: I was kinda excited when the DVD said Niki Chow is in the cast, but now I kinda wish she was never in this movie. I could not believe Louis & Niki had a sex scene in this movie. The stupid thing was that it wasnt even romantic, just straight up sex because Louis was horny so he cheated on his girlfriend with Niki, which kinda repulsed me. It kinda spoiled my image of Niki.

Excessive Nudity: The storyline was about Louis & Eason running a porn magazine company, so I was gonna let the nudity slide, but I think it got so out of hand! The first ten minutes was just Louis sitting on a sofa being interviewed with dozens of topless girls surrounding him. I couldnt find a girl with her shirt on if my life depended on it! There was one scene where Louis & Eason are grabbing on to a prostitute's breast, which I thought was pretty repulsive. I didnt even bother doing screen captures, because they'll probably end up looking pornographic.

Watch It or Skip It?: I would recommend you to not watch it if you dont want to ruin your image of Louis & Niki, but if you're curious it wouldnt hurt to see what all the fuss is about. I'm pretty sure all guys have seen this movie already, if not they'll still watch no matter what I recommend.

Comments on ">>> Asia Blog: Louis Koo's Naked Ambition... <<<"


Blogger j00ky said ... (10:00 PM) : 

Yeah... being a major Louis fan, I have this DVD in my collection, but as you put it, it is 'borderline porn' it has only being watched once and just sits on my shelf catching dust unlike the other louis DVDs i have :\


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