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Sunday, April 09, 2006

.: Under Kevin's Canopy of Love :.

Kevin Cheng Spells Cha Ching$$$: I've been fairly quiet about the whole Kevin situation, except for when on Jayne's shoutbox. Its about time let out some opinion about Kevin's contract dispute. I'm a huge fan of Kevin so I'm on his side, and frankly I think the whole contract is STUPID!

It states that 10% of Kevin's income goes to Dai Si Chung because he was his teacher and manage him for a while. WoW, I've never heard of such B.S. I have had over 35 different teachers, and if each of them got 10% percent of my income, it would be defying the laws of math. Plus, Dai Si Chung didn't much manage his singing career, he kinda just sent him off to Taiwan. Cant you just feel the love?

What? Kevin's Thirst For Fame?: I've seen ONE and only ONE bad comment from someone who doesnt know what they're talking about, saying Kevin signed it because he has a major thirst for Fame. If Kevin wanted fame so bad he wouldn't have left the enteratinment circle for like half a decade in between to get a B.A. in the U.S. Then they claimed Kevin's B.A. wont help him because his english is horrible. Kevin's english is great, he was born in California and is a U.S. citizen.

<3 Animated Kevin: During this whole dispute, I've never heard Kevin talk bad about him, but mainly him & his daughters talking bad about Kevin. You can actually see how stress Kevin is, but somehow I saw a very cute side of Kevin. Alot of powerful people who who dont even know Kevin stood up for him, and now one of his best friend Raymond Cho. Kevin has never been so animated to me, so cute, so young, and adorable. I remind me of adorable Bart Simpson because Bart was very young and sold his "soul" for a couple dollars. Hey adults do it too, Kevin also reminds of the lovable Homer selling his soul for a donut to the Devil. Comedic, but in real life I kinda get the feeling Dai Si Chung is really after Kevin's soul, a change from from all the cute characters he REALLY reminds of the creepy evil guy, thats actually me being nice because the media is actually calling him a blood sucking vampire.

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