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Monday, April 03, 2006

"Step Into The Past": Chilam Cheung

I Resent This, No Changes? I really resent doing this on Chilam, and just about any other actors. This really makes me resent the fact that men age like 1/4 the pace as women! Some of past pictures were taken over a decade ago, but I cant believe that there are so little changes! Step into the past, yeah right..., it looks more stepping into a gallery and looking at pictures from just ten days ago. The only difference I spotted was the hair and maybe two wrinkles & even then I'm still over exaggerating it. Anybody had better luck? No? Rats!... Its times like these that I thank god for bringing us Botox, and just about 250 types of plastic surgery. HALALUYA!!! I'm literally sitting in front of the computer with a facial mask on at the age of 17 just a precaution, sob... :( Dont you ladies forget about child birth, that is just gonna be the icy on the cake, lol. I'm this close to trying to invent a software that bans men from this site :P (Just Kidding).

And Asia's Tip of the Week: If someone ever calls you a racist, just tell them you're not, you hate everybody equally.

Chilam Of About Ten Days Ago, Seems About Right...

Chilam Cheung Ten Days, Hours, or Minutes later...

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