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Saturday, March 18, 2006

TVB-G Recasting: "Hong Kong Sex and the City"

Hong Kong Sex and the City: HBO's hit comedy show Sex and the City ended, but left viewers wanting more and more. Many even said it paved the way for shows like Desperate Housewives. TVB saw a chance to score ratings with a remake so they decided to make a Hong Kong version sitcom.

So last year TVB launched Women On The Run, and it was dubbed HK Sex and the City. But we all found out soon after the sitcom failed, because of so many reasons. The sitcom was trying to mimic Sex and the City as well as trying to incorporate To Catch The Uncatchable, talk about a weird combination, maybe that's why it failed.

I strongly believe that if TVB would have remade the show as a series and followed the template exactly it would have been a big success. The former cast didn't appeal to me, but there was a couple of exceptions. If I was to reamake the show's HK version as a series, the cast would consist of:

Carrie Played By Ada Choi: Sarah Jessica Parker's character Carrie is the main character in the show, and I chose Ada Choi to fill in her shoes simply because she's a perfect fit. Carrie is a journalist who represents a modern woman in the city. Ada Choi can definitely pulled this role off with energy to spare. In Fate Twister Ada played a really strong will woman like Carrie, and through out most of modern her roles she showed many traits very similar to Carrie. Besides that I think Ada is HK's Sarah Jessica Parker, Sarah Jessica Parker was the face for GAP, and Ada is the face Moiselle. Besides that they both kinda look alike also.

Samantha Played By Christine Ng: Kim Cattrall's character Samantha is considered the most popular character out all the characters. Samantha is a successful, and sexually liberated business-woman in her 40's. She is straight forward and not afraid of displaying her sexuality. Christine Ng did an amazing job in WOTR, she was one of the few things right with the show. She showed a side of her acting I've never seen from her. She is the picture perfect HK version of Samantha. Everything was mimic beautifully, her attitude, her drive, her profession, and even sexual lust. I will definitely keep Christine apart of the remake.

Charlotte Played By Gigi Lai: Kristin Davis's character Charlotte is a very naive woman who is unable to have children so she is quite depressed at time with almost a side of Bi-polarness in my opinion. Gigi Lai's character Yuk Ying in WAB is also very naive on the same level, and they both view motherhood in the same way, so I think Gigi Lai is perfect to play Charlotte. They also both have a classiness that is very unique only found in few actresses.

Miranda Played By Melissa Ng: Cynthia Nixon's character Miranda is the mother of the show. She is very mature since she had a baby early on. Miranda is definitely the most level headed person on the show. I think Melissa Ng can take on this role since most of the roles she played are also very level minded, and sensible like Miranda. Her image and personna are another big reason why I would cast her for the role of Miranda.

Mr. Big Played By Bowie Lam: Chris Noth's character Mr. Big is Carrie's on and off again romance. I don't really get Chris Noth and his character. Mr. Big is supposively a fairly old man who is romancing women with his "mature" appeal. I think Bowie is the parody of Chris Noth and his character. They both are very talented actors who aren't nessecarily the manager in the looks department. However, they both have an appeal of a mature man especially when they are paired up with a younger woman.

Smith Jerrod Played By Andrew Lian: Jason Lewis's character Smith Jerrod is one of Samantha hot flames. Since there were so many male characters, I chose Smith Jerrod to spotlight because the character was the most successful and made Jason Lewis famous as "The Absolute Hunk". I picked Andrew Lian to play his role. Andrew is best known for his role in The Last Breakthrough to TVB viewers, but outside of TVB Andrew is considered one of hunkiest men to have appeared in mainland TV. He is now part of the band ALIVE. Furthermore, I think they both have a very sexy appeal and they both are quite underated beforehand so Andrew will be definitely able to pull off this character.

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