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Friday, March 03, 2006

"Recasting": Hong Kong's Desperate Housewives

Desperate Times Calls For Desperate Measures: If you have not heard yet, TVB is planning to make a Hong Kong version Desperate Housewives. Upon hearing this I was excited for the second time. I originally thought Le Femme Desperado was the remake, but apparently not. I wasn't exactly happy with the cast of the remake. The new plan has Sheren Tang, Kiki Sheung (The evil aunt in The Charm Beneath), Cecilia Yip (Lead Female in The Driving Power), and Leila Tong to star.

The producer said that the Hong Kong version will play down the looks of the housewives which made me really mad. I think TVB should do it right or dont do it at all. The Hong Kong version should stick with Scandalous and Beautiful template to show that HK remakes aren't inferior. I decided to recast the remakes in my opinion with artistes that I think will do justice to the original character. I gave it alot thoughts, and I think this would be for the better, steering it in a more interesting direction.

Eva Longoria - Sonjia Kwok: Eva Longoria no doubt plays the most scandalous character in the show, and I think Sonjia has the acting skills, and beauty to match or even better this character. Sonjia took on alot evil roles, and her share of good girl parts so I think she will be able to combine both into an excellent product that will have everyone talking like Eva did.

Terri Hatcher - Maggie Siu: Terri Hatcher is known for incorporating her life situation with the character, she is an actress who just finally got her moment of superstardom in her 40's since filming Superman. Maggie Siu I think falls in the same category especially with her recent slimming endorsement so she definitely has the empowerment, and confidence needed to perform this role.

Marsha Cross - Angela Tong: Marsha Cross's character is the hardest character to play in my opinion because its so unique and you meet alot of these type of people anywhere. Inorder to take on this role on an actress of high grace and poise must be called in. I will definitely cast Angela Tong, because she has a very classy touch to her, with the always provocative twist in her characters.

Felicity Huffman - Anne Heung: Felicity Huffman is now an Emmy and Golden Globe winner, her character is mix between both a business, and rellientless mother. Anne's character in the Charm Beneath convinced me that this role is perfect for her. Felicity plays a business woman with power even over her husband, Anne will definitely take this character to another level maybe with even more power and dominance. Her motherly love performed in The Charm Beneath will also contribute to this role.

Nicolette Sheridan - Angie Cheung: One word "BOMBSHELL", but in this case I should rephrase it to BOMBSHELLS. Nicolette Sheridan exploded into the scene with her character who she says almost mirrors her bombshell image. I didnt know why I immediately thought of Angie Cheung. Just in case you dont remember, Angie is a on and off TVB actress who you might remember from Armed Reaction 4. I think I would cast her because she is also known to be a bombshell onscren and offscreen.

Jesse Metcalfe - Raymond Lam: Steaming up the show is Jesse Metcalfe, and his charcter. The character is an 18 years old high school student and stud who is romancing a housewife. I just think Raymond would do this role so much justice it wouldn't even need a trial. There's something about him playing a gardener who "mows" the lawn three times a week for a desperate housewife that is just so interesting because maybe I never seen him be such a romancer.

James Denton - Alex Fong Chung Sun: Jonh Chiang has a part in the new remake, but I dont exactly find him to be eye candy. James Denton is more mature man, and so is his character so I guess the role calls for something more mature actor, but they didnt have to go that far. Someone like Alex Fong would be awsome. He would fill in his shoes perfectly especially with masculine personna. They kinda look a little alike at an angle too.

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