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Monday, March 20, 2006

Must See! TVB 30th Anniversary Fashion Show

TVB 30th Anniversary Fashion Show: I found a must see clip all the way from 1998! At first I thought it would just have old artistes I wouldn't even recognize, but in the end I really enjoyed the clip. I really like it because I has humor & fashion all in one, plus it really reminds me of old times with the great actors and actresses who don't do TVB series anymore.
Its a must watch so ***CLICK HERE*** , or right click & click save target as to download it. Credit to Ava, thanks so much, XOXO. The file is about 25 MB, and its about 11 mins, the video quality is good if you leave it at the original 100% view window. I made some screencaps, and I'm going to review the fashion show, because if you know me, I LOVE Fashion.

All About Men: The men were hilarious. They did a costume parade instead of a fashion show, but it was funny because they had to say happy birthday to TVB, but alot of the made it into a comedy act. Wong Hei came out in Chef's costume, Bobby Au-Yeung was really funny because he was pretending to pose like model and even purposely trip. Gordon Lam and Gallen Lo came out in their Old Time Buddie's costume. Sob... Both of them aren't here anymore. Felix Wong came out in his Demi God & Semi Devil's costume. He's not here either. Ben Wong, and Mark Kwok were also in the costume parade.

Ladies! The Women's Fashion Show was what really caught my attention. It's very rare to see 5 out the 7 original fa dans together. I was crying for old times when I saw great actreses who aren't here anymore. Lydia Sum took over and MC the women's show. All the costume were funny, weird, but still interesting because its worn by our fav. TVB actresses. TVB was problaly going with very modern, and edgy theme.

TVB's Former Top Models:

First: That's Esther Kwan you see in the yellow dress, its so good to see her back when she still was with TVB. Next to her you'll see Ada Choi who I thought still look the same as today, still very young. Maggie Cheung is seen at the bottom left in the blue dress, she was rocking the runway like a real model, posing like a pro. Guess who is wearing the head gear that is cover half of her beautiful face. Thats right, its none other than Jessica Hsaun. I didn't even recognize her until they said her name.

Next: The first picture you see there is another fa dan Mariane Chan, who is also no longer with TVB, but an extremely successful businesswoman. She was striking as a model. On the right you'll see Angie Cheung who was one of my fav. supporting actresses, and who also is gone. Can recognize who is in the blue? Its Amy Kwok, who also gone... Right next to her is Florence Kwok who I'm glad to say came back last year. If you think her hair is crazy wait until you see her outfit.

Last but not Least: The one in the black is Kathy Chow Hoi Mei, she looks so pretty. She definitely stole the show, her catwalk was so fierce, and striking. She really reminds of Myolie, especially with the futuristic anime look, just like Myolie at this year's TVB anniversary. The last one to come out was Carol Cheng who made the biggest entrance, some of you might recognize that outfit, this year's MHK Tracy Ip wore it as her costume. My favorite part was at the end when all the actresses did a fashion cat-walk off to the macarena. It was so cool to see all of them strutting down the runway.

Comments on "Must See! TVB 30th Anniversary Fashion Show"


Blogger Pearls said ... (5:57 AM) : 

I hate to be picky...but I'm a pageant researcher so I notice these things. The dress that Dodo Cheng is wearing in this clip is NOT the same as MHK 05 Tracp Ip's costume in the dream segment. It is very similar so I can see how one might by confuse. Tracy's costume has a similar yellow skirt, and her headdress is the same style. The biggest difference between the two is that Dodo's is actually a dress, whereas, Tracy's is a two piece held together by a string.

I was going to comment on how TVB recycles their costumes, which they do on a regular basis, so I wouldn't be surprise if you find such occurrences. In fact, that's a great idea for a feature, don't you think?

By the way, your blog is awesome! Your ideas are so fresh, it's so much better than just reading news about TVB artists. Keep up the good work!


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