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Monday, March 06, 2006

"Kindred Spirits": The Siblings

Announcement Bullentin: Kindred Spirits will be feature that explores just who are the family members behind TVB artistes and their success. The feature will also explore family ties that you might not have known about. If know about more family ties and would like to share it please E-mail me. The first entries into the feature are siblings in relatation to family ties.

Bernice Liu & Brother Caleb Liu: Bernice many times was visited by brother Caleb from Canada. The press caught a peek at her brother when they were at a promotion event. Caleb was praise for being very handsome, and showing resemblances to Bernice. However when asked if he would join the entertainment circle, he was still a bit unsure. Bernice was even encouraged to nominate Caleb for the Mr. Hong Kong competition. It would awsome if both were really working for TVB, I think her brother is pretty cute. He looks alot like Bernice, especially when it comes to their very similar smile. Caleb looks considerably shorter, but its probaly because Bernice was former beauty queen ( requiring height ), and she's also wearing heels.

Tavia Yeung & Sister Griselda Yeung: Tavia Yeung enter the industry between 1998 & 1999, and soon after her sister Griselda followed in her footsteps. Griselda Yeung Cheuk Na, originally Yeung Na enter the entertainment circle in 2001 when she competed in the Miss Hong Kong pageant, but lost to Shirley Yeung. She first appeared on the cast of VOH I as a regular character actor on the set. She still hasn't found her big break, you guys will definitely recognize her if you've been watching TVB series for a long time. She's a pale in comparison to Tavia when it comes to career sucess. But this proves that TVB doesnt give special treatments.

Myolie Wu & Sisters: Not much is known about her sisters. Myolie invited reporters to photograph them at a family gathering last year, but it never reveal what their names were. All we know is that both of them are Myolie's older sisters. It was said that the family is very close with a very loving bond. They all look SO MUCH alike, they all have the exact same same smile, and eyes.

Comments on ""Kindred Spirits": The Siblings"


Blogger j00ky said ... (3:47 AM) : 

Ohhh, I never knew Tavia had a sister that was also in the industry~

Myolie sisters seem almost like triplets lol..


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