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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

How Was Your "Hump Day"?

Hump Day: Before you all get the wrong idea of what hump means I should really explain. Hump Day is corporate & educational term used by businessmen and teachers. It's really another word for Wednesday, because its the day of the week where everything rising from Monday & Tuesday starts to go downhill and literally makes a hump when graphing the progress. It has become when quite a lingo use as humor nowaday with people wearing shirts with camels that say Hump Day on Wednesday.

But since it is Wednesday and the week is gonna go downhill from here, lets just explore some TVB Humps. It is TVB Generation so lets try to put some TVB artistes into the mix and lighten the mood of the week. This topic has never been started or even talk about but I dare to bring it up because I highly doubt this blog is read by anyone over the age of 50 who would frown upon it. It would do this topic once in while each Wednesday, but not weekly because it'll turn into something a little perverse. You can also spotlight your favorite artiste's Hump if you found a picture to share with everyone. So lets take a look at our spotlight humps.

Sonjia's Hump: Not an awsome comparison since she is sitting down and it does seem to be a little flatten by that. Somehow, her butt still look so full and round. I would definitely take Sonjia's picture to plastic surgeon because its not so big that its trashy.

Kevin's Hump: It's very rare to find a picture of a male artiste displaying their hump considering they're all too busy flaunting their fit body. Kevin is one of the few that I found that was very to bold to display the hump as the focal point of the picture. Very nice butt I might add, all that tennis and working out definitely paid off.

Michelle's Hump: I must admit I think Michelle has the biggest butt out all the actresses. Michelle was never a stick thin woman, but more of a vuluptuous woman with alot of desirable curves. I think I found at least 25 pictures of her showing off her asset, I ended up randomly picking one. I definitely think Michelle is definitely Hong Kong's Jennifer Lopez.

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