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Friday, March 24, 2006

~Fashion Double Vision Makes A Comeback~

Intro: I haven't done this feature in a long time. I remembered this was a favorite among alot of readers so waited to gather some more "Double Vision" inorder to make this feature come alive again. Please help send in Fashion Double Vision pictures if you spot any. Please once again enjoy the Double Vision.

Michelle Ye & Patricia Liu: Both ladies chose to wear this lovely yellow, and gold blouse. Michelle wore it to the premier of Central Affairs, and Patricia wore it to a promotion function. Thanks to Jayne for providing the picture links.

Ron Ng & Ron Ng?: I was very amuse to see Ron wearing this same outfit twice. I must admit this is the first time I've ever a celebrity wear the same thing twice. I was a little suprise it would be Ron since he makes so much money now that his taxes are sky high. Anyways, Ron wore this outfit for the first time when made his debut on JSG last year, and the second time just last week at a promotion with his fly down.

Niki Chow & Claire Yiu: Both ladies are wearing the same lovely lite blue corset that is very stunning in my opinion. Nikki wore at a fashion show with Kevin Cheng, with it being part of he wedding dress & Claire Yiu wore it last year's TVB Anniversary.

Ron Ng Does It Again?: I guess Ron is an activist. He's saving the Fashion Enviroment by recycling his outfits. Save the fabrics! What more can I say, but this is the second time I've ever seen a celebrity wear an outfit twice. He wore it the first time at last year's TVB sale presentation, and again this year at The Astro Awards. Cute outfit though.

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