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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Asia's Blog: Crying For Old Times-Jing Yong Series

Intro: I'm currently on a break, and since so many people are rewatching classic TVB series, I decided to jump on the band wagon too. I just finish rewatching one TVB best series evermade, Return of the Condor Hero, all the way from 1995.

Old Times: I get chills when watching this series, this was made during TVB's "golden days" where all the great actors, and all the fa dans were still with TVB. After 1998 when Hong Kong was returned to China, most of the artistes left to join the bigger mainland market. It felt really sad to watch this because it was bitter sweet to see this really great TVB series, but at the same time more than half of the cast are gone.

The series had alot recognizable faces like of course the young Louis Koo, Carmen Lee, Maggie Cheung, Louisiana So, Wayne Lai,... They all look very different now. Louis, and Carmen don't even do TVB series anymore so there was like a depressing feeling that played alongside the series.

I love this series, I think its the best version of Return of the Condor Hero. Like all Jing Yong series it had love, hatred, politics, human natures, and of course the Wuxia martial scenes. I felt sad again when I remembered TVB was forbidden make Jing Yong series a couple years ago. Its very sad actually because TVB almost always do a remake of a Jing Yong Series every year. I'm sure if TVB was still allowed to remake them, The Legend of the Condor Hero, State of Divinity, & Return of the Condor would have gotten remade in the last few years. Can you imagine who would play The Condor Hero, and who would play Siu Lung Neou. Knowing TVB it would problaly go to either Raymond or Ron, and either Sonjia or Charmaine.

Themesong: The themesong was sang by Emil Zhou, and it's considered one the best TVB themesong. It was pretty hard to find the full version since its so rare, but I somehow found it. DL it here:

Just A Little Interesting TVB-Jing Yong Side Note: Charmaine currently is holding the title for current TVB management actress with the most roles in Jing Yong remakes. She is second in the all time record, only one behind Fiona Leung, she even surpassed Carmen Lee. She has appear consecutively in Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain, Crimson Saber, and The Heavenly Sword & Dragon Saber. She also holds the record for for having the most "Cutting Off Arm" scenes, surpassing all the actors who played The Condor Hero, because her arm was cut off twice(In Crimson Saber & Perish In The Name of Love).

My Dying To Rewatch List: Suddenly I came down with like Jing Yong fever. I personally enjoy it alot more then recent Haung Yi series. After rewatching Return of the Condor Hero, I was dying to rewatch Jing Yong's next installment to it, The Heavenly Sword & Dragon Saber. I found parts of it uploaded online, and I'm waiting for the rest. Until then I have a couple more series already available to watch and rewatch. But I'm still dying to rewatch these Jing Yong series. THSDS, The Demi God & Semi Devil, Flying Fox of the Snowy Mountain, Crimson Saber, Duke of Mount Deer, The Legend of the Condor Hero:

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