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Sunday, February 05, 2006

TVB Generation's M.I.A. Report:

Intro: Just like in TVB series like DIF 4 and Armed Reaction, whenever someone is missing we file a M.I.A. Report. M.I.A. stands for Missing In Action and TVB Generation will soon be filing a series of M.I.A. Reports on missing TVB artsites. We should note that that they're not actually missing, but just missing in series, news, and in the TVB world.

Report # 1: Hawick Lau:

This hunky TVB artiste has been missing for over a year now. Hawick Lau's last TVB series was "My Family" in which he was one of the male leads. He then tremendously change in terms body built, gaining over 20 pounds in muscle mass. With the change in his fitness he snagged many ad campaigns where he had to show off his body like the ad he did for "Mence" as seen above. However after months news of Hawick began to slowly quiet down. So what happen in those couple of months? lets analyze:

Hawick was scheduled to take part in the Grand Production Healing Hands III, but he mysteriously disappear beforethe start of filming. The producers and Hawick gave several excuses like he was leaving for six months to film in mainland so his role was taken over by Sam Chan. I think this was also the reason why he left VOH II.

The news reported that Bernice and Hawick who were rumoured couples at the time were broken up. The two had study together in Canada together and spent years filming together in series like VOH. There were several rumours saying Hawick left because Bernice had found a new hubby (Moses Chan), and the three working together will just be too painful for Hawick. This theory grew when an aricle reported quote "As for Hawick giving up the part, Bernice seemed not to want to talk about it, just telling the press to ask him directly." showing alot of tension between them.

*NOTE*: I didnt make any of this up, refer to this archive article:

After his appearance on the entertainment scene, Hawick Lau has been the apple in production chief Catherine Tsang's eye and has had plenty of opportunities, firstly in "A Kindred Spirit" and "Virtues of Harmony" and most recently, taking a lead role in "Treasure in the Family" and a part in the grand production "Healing Hands III". However, there have been reports that Hawick has turned down his role in "Healing Hands" and has taken leave from TVB for six months to film in the Mainland. In order to make money, he is not only disappointing Ms Tsang, he is even leaving behind his 'friendship' with Bernice Liu.

In reality, Hawick's position is not yet stable and leaving the security of TVB and the company of rumoured girlfriend Bernice to the perils of the mainland market for six months will be a challenge for him. However, Hawick responds to this saying: "I will be concentrating on my career for now and making money is all important. Relationships can be put aside for now. (Are you not worried about splitting up?) Not at all, we have never admitted to anything."

However, there has been an inkling that Hawick would be letting go for a while as their friends from within and outside the industry have noticed them becoming rather distant from each other, despite remaining friends and going out once in a while. During an earlier "Healing Hands" event, the press had asked for them to be photographed together, but there seemed to be a little awkwardness between them.

As for Hawick giving up the part, Bernice seemed not to want to talk about it, just telling the press to ask him directly. As for Hawick's role, he has been replaced by Sam Chan, whom Bernice seemed happy to be photographed with at yesterday's blessing ceremony as she seemed rather relieved that she did not have to work with Hawick

Credits to

Latest Report:

Hawick was last seen at the TVB lightning ceremony in october of 2005. It is unknown where he is today. He has no more TVB series to be aired and no series plan to be filming with TVB. Whatever the reason why he left TVB for this long is, there are several versions of the truth just pick one that satisfy you. And I hope this article has provided some sort of answer to why he has been missing for such a long time. I sincerely hope he comes back because he is one of the better male artiste that was with TVB.

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