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Thursday, February 09, 2006

* TVB Generation's Fashion Report *

The High Fashion: A short continuation to the collection with Leila and Myolie sporting Henry Lau's blouse and dress. Henry Lau is a famous HK fashion designer and both are wearing clothings from his "Spy" collection. * Pictures Submitted By Linda Luu *

* Henry Lau's Blouse Model by Guest Model Kelly Chan & Leila Tong Modeling it in a Photo Spread * :

* A Famous Dress That You All Might Have Seen Already, Both Myolie Wu and Angela Tong Have Worn This Henry Lau Dress To The Award Shows * :

The Double Vision: TVB Generation reader LiLi spotted with her keen eyes Chilam Cheung and Kenny Kwan wearing the same gray sweater overall with a collar dress shirt inside. * Submitted By LiLi *

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