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Friday, February 03, 2006

The Newcomer Disclaimers: The Miss Hong Kong Runner Ups & Finalist

Miss Hong Kong Beauties
Each year a fresh handful of female artistes enter the entertainment circle through the MHK pageant. We already went over the newcomers from the Mr. HK competion, so lets turn our attention to the new Miss HK beuties made their way into the industry in 2005. MHK finalists and runner ups in the past that have achieved great success include Ada Choi, Maggie Cheung, Kenix Kwok, Charmaine Sheh, Myolie Wu... So who will be the next success from the pageant.

(Left) 2005 1st Runner Up-Sharon Luk: Sharon was one the hot favorite towards the end of the pageant. She was definitely was not expected to do that well, maybe she did because she was the most appealing in terms of body figure. She is favored by many male fans because she is the most "busty" out all the contestants, even out all the TVB actresses. Her success status will is considered to be pretty high, but not too sure if its because she has the charm of an actress or the body of swimsuit model.

(Right) 2005 2nd Runner Up-Carrie Lam: Carrie Lam was dubbed as a Kelly Chan look alike, with the tall and slender body of a supermodel. She was the hot favorite to win in the press, and by fans online. She is also a TVB viewer and fan, because I distictly remember that her favorite TV show was VOH as stated in her profile and publicize by MetalAZNWarrior around forum site during the time of the pageant. Her height might propose a problem in acting though because she is even taller than Joe Ma with heels (5'10 1/4 and 6'1 with heels). This most likely will make her fail the screen test, but she always will have a job as a model to fall back on.

(Left) 2005 Miss International Goodwill-Natalia Khui: Natalia was the rumour real winner of the pageant. It was told that she accumulated the most points from the judges, but didnt win because Tracy had already made a deal with TVB. She has a very good relationship with TVB now. Some of you might recognize her from this year's anniversary show and the sales presentation. Her future as an actress seem s to be very bright considering the buzz surrounding her, and her charming charisma.

(Right) 2005 Miss Photogenic-Shermon Tang: Shermon is the most popular MHK contestants of this year. There was even an article about how she has a much larger fan base than Tracy Ip. She is the daughter of English Tang and is considered a member of HK high society. She was one the favorite mainly because she was one of the prettiest and was also said to look like Michelle Ye. Her darker tone skin was one the reason why she apparently didnt win because "snow white skin" are considered prettier among asian critics and viewers. I predict she will be very popular in the next few years if she pursues an acting carreer, because she has the same vibe given off like Michelle Ye did.

2005 Miss Tourism-Erica Yeun: She is definitely the Selena Li of this year. She was a finalist which is still undetermined if its a good or bad thing. Since she was only in the top five and not one of the winners, she was given a supporting role in the new series "Land of Wealth" with Moses, Steven, Sonjia, and Tavia since she had no duties to fullfill. She is also one of the hosts of the show "Entertainment Scoop". Her future seems to be very bright and quite possibly could be the next Myolie Wu.

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