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Monday, February 13, 2006

Asia's Blog: I'm Always The Last To Know

Maybe this is just slow me again, but did you guys know that Bernice starred in movies? My friend let me borrow some movies, and one was called "My Wife Is 18", and its like one of the sweetest movie I've ever seen. What really suprised me was the cast, I was amaze to see Bernice's name show up in the beginning. This movie was released in 2002, and produced in like 2001. Bernice started acting that early? Her cantonese was really good in the movie, and her acting skills was great too. I think its sweet to see Bernice as a P.E. teacher who has crush on Ekin Cheng.

TVB Almost: What I really love about the movie is that its like watching a short TVB series. Almost the entire cast consist of artistes who has been in TVB series. Stephanie Che, (The boss lady from VOH II) plays a really bitchy teacher so I got reminiscent feeling from her role in VOH. Patrick Tang is in too, he plays a really sweet innocent teacher who's kinda clueless about love. Ekin Cheng of course was the male lead, I just finished watching him in "Always Ready" last month and he just seem so adorable in this movie. The female lead Charlene Choi from TWINS who of course had a tiny cameo in "TITS"(Still Counts :P), and Ronald Cheng was in "Slim Chances".

Ekin & Bernice???????!!!!! I thought they had really good chemistry. I never thought of such a pairing. The two of them had a couple of cute scenes. There was one scene where Ekin accidently walks into Bernice in the school's shower, very cute, sorta like Linda & Steven from VOH. Its gets better because there's another scene where Ekin is right on top her and they got caught by Patrick Tang. There's a really sweet scene where Bernice was saved by Ekin from a cobra in the gym, "a damsel in distress" almost.

Screen Captures: I found some screen captures of some of the scenes I mention. Look around, some of give you the wrong idea if you only look at it alone. Courtesy of Cyklin.

Other Bernice Liu Movies:

My Dream Girl-Ekin Cheng, Vicki Zhao, Vincent Kok, Richard Ng, Mark Lui, Bernice Liu, Niki Chow.

Heat Team

Aaron Kwok, Eason Chan, Yumiko Cheng, Dave Wong,Danny Lee, Bernice Liu, Carl Ng, Hui Siu Hung

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