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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Raymond's Herbal Tea Remedy & Cafe De Ron

Image hosted by Photobucket.comRaymond's Cup of Tea:

Blurbs From Recent Media Reports Concerning Raymond's Cup of Tea:

Towards his rumoured girlfriends, Fala Chan and Sharon Chan, Raymond
frankly expressed, "We're only friends. I can very certainly say that we
won't have any chances of developing a relationship because they aren't my
cup of tea. (Then what kind of girls do you like?) I like those who are
smart yet know when to play dumb and a girl who can teach me things, but
won't appear to be better than me. (That's a really big difficulty!) I
agree. (Does she have to be in the showbiz?) No, I think O.L.s (Office
Ladies) are pretty good."

Raymond suggests he prefers good-looking girls, and his ideal type is
Myolie, "I think Myolie is tall, and not too skinny, her body is well
balanced, but most importantly, her image is very

Translater: Ivan & Credit to Little_Purple_Bell

The Simple Breakdown:

Raymond is looking for a girl who is 1. Good looking, 2. Kinda Tall, 3. Not Too Skinny, 4. Well Balance Body, & 5. healthy Image. He is particularly acttract to girls who " I like those who are smart yet know when to play dumb and a girl who can teach me things, but won't appear to be better than me", or simply a good actress who isn't self centered and dumbs herself down a little for him. However, they can be the office lady type, so ladies those bussiness attires in your closets can finally be put to good use the next time you visit Hong Kong.

The Rejected Contestant-Sharon Chan /=\ Raymond's Nominee-Myolie Wu

Ron's Cup of "Coffee":
Image hosted by
Blurbs From Recent Media Reports Concerning Ron's Cup of Coffee:

Ron revealed that he was actually interested in a “shorter version of Kelly
Chen.” When he was asked what his criteria for a girlfriend was, he
replied, “I like girls who are mature in their thinking. She shouldn’t be
too skinny or tall; Kelly Chen is just the right height. Any taller, she
would have to wear flats around me!”

Credits: Ellie

Even Simplier Breakdown: Ron is basicly looking for a not too tall or skinny girl, kinda short, but still pretty. Ella would not fit in because she is pretty tall considering she used to be model. Hmmm... So someone short, not too skinny. How about one of the shortest actress in TVB series, Rain Lau. Ron never said she had to be VERY pretty...

The Denied Contestant-Ella Koon /=\ The Trial Contender-Rain Lau

I'm only jokingly experimenting Rain Lau with Ron, I dont really think they would make good couple...

Comments on "Raymond's Herbal Tea Remedy & Cafe De Ron"


Blogger fuzzy said ... (3:35 AM) : 

i think ron n leila would b a nice couple coz i think leila fill the criteria,short but pretty!


Blogger fuzzy said ... (3:36 AM) : 

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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