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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Very Quick Detour

America's Next Top Model => TVB's Next Top Actress => Hong Kong's Next Top Model =>

If any of the TVB Generation readers watched the finale of America's Next Top Model, then you might saw the winner, Nicole, defeated fierce contender Nik wearing the same dress as Nikki at the the anniversary for her Elle Girl cover. This was even pointed out by a reader, xoxo on shoutbox. I called the dress so so looking, but it has be the LUCKIEST dress in the world. Coincidently they wore it, Nicole won America Next Top Model and Nikki won the Most Improved award over Bernice and takes on hidden role of TVB's Next Top Actress.

Hong Kong Next Top Model?: I really want TVB to do rendition of this show. One of my favorite show. TVB kind of did a HK version of American Idol with Minute To Fame so why not this? If TVb can do a show very similar to this it would definitely be a hit. It doesnt even have to be about finding model, it can be a TVB artiste. I think Kenix or Bernice would be a great host for the show like Tyra Banks. Kenix is very model like and Bernice is very likeable with her radiant personality like Tyra. The Miss Hong Kong Pageant is the closest thing to it right now but its a little tarnish with all the politics really involve, I believe there some corruption in there somewhere. While ANTM is very magical with life dreams being fullfilled. Plus it takes account to real personality not just beauty.

Michael Copon Update:
Michael Copon, our own little hunky 1/2 asian has won VH1's "But Can They Sing?" over all other opponents. Since One Tree Hill He has Hit it big now with so much popularity. Some people E-Mailed me asking he had an official website for pictures when I posted the other article. I'm not sure because I couldnt find it but try doing picture searches on Yahoo or Google for this Hunky Hearthrob. Congrats to Michael once again, you did us all proud. OMG, he's so sexy. He sorta like a cross between Ron and Kevin.

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