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Monday, December 19, 2005

TVB Series Name Game

*Switching gear from the couple names for a little bit*

Everytime TVB starts a new series they give a chinese name which usually sticks, but the English title doesnt get confirm usually until the programme highlights.

Round 2: Alot of them are great but some just sounds weird or makes no sense like it was meant to confuse people. I would like to share a few of ones I would love to change:

-Square pegs_What does this even mean? The show revolved around a love triangle so why is it a square? New Name_ Triangle Bonds? ______________?

-My Family_So ordinary, a first grader could of came up with that. New Name_ Our Kinship? __________?

-The Gentle Crackdown_ ehh... Sounds very distasteful like a FBI bust on pot and crack. New Name_ Love and Regulation? _____________?

-Gut of Man & Angels of Mission_ Grammar errors? New Names_ Guts of Men or Guts of a Man & Angels On Missions? _______________?

-Revolving Doors of Vengeance_ Too flashy and in your face. It does flow because you're going from a door to vengeance, I get an image of Ron getting caught in a revolving door trying to get out. New Name_ I love the old translated name-Hotel Turmoil? __________?

*Any others? share it on Shoutbox*

The Marvelous Serial Names:

***Also The New Polling Topic-Which of the following was the most remarkable serial name?***

-Cold Blood Warm Heart
-At the Threshold to an Era of Era
-Burning Flames
-Secret of the Heart
-Lofty Water Verdant Bow
-Point of No Return
-Doomed To Oblivion
-Triumph In The Skies
-Perish In The Name of Love
-Riches and Stiches
-Golden Faith
-To Love with No Regrets
-The Vigilante In The Mask
-The Last Breakthrough
-War and Beauty
-Lost In The Chamber of Love
-Shades of Truth
-Into Thin Air
-Life Made Simple
-The Charm Beneath

Poll#3 Result:

Which of the following TVB star has the most unique & striking English name? [370 votes total]

Winner: 1.Myolie Wu (54)
2.Bosco Wong (47)
3.Charmaine Sheh (43)
4.Tavia Yeung (35)
5.Kenix Kwok (32)
6.Sonjia Kwok (27) & Deep Ng (27)
7.Ellesmere Choi (24)
8.Evergreen Mak (20)
9.Halina Tam (11)& Sunny Chan (11)
10.Bowie Lam (10) & Yoyo Mung (10)
11.Queenie Chu (9)

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