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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Special Sitcom Feature: Run Run Women On The Run

TVB's four year running comedy sitcom Virtues of Harmony ended early this year. TVB was scrambling to find a replacement sitcom to fill its place. Not sure yet to what to do TVB decided to went on plans with the "sequel" to "To Catch The Uncatchable" made to be long running. They then decided to put a twist on by combining it with the theme of the American show " Sex in the City". The appeal was somewhat kept with many VOH cast memeber coming back like Kingdom Yeun, Joyce Cheng, and Louis Yeun. The show was launched mid this year. After a few month the sitcom found it self in a pool of poor ratings, struggling to make it into the 30's which was average for Virtues of Harmony. Leaving fans of this highly anticipated show asking why?
The show started off on a bumpy road from the started with the male lead who was suppose to be Dayo Wong rejecting the offer temporalily because of prior engagements. TVB needed this show to be launch as soon as possible so it went on anyways with the basis of "guest star male leads". They found Nat Chan to step in for while until Dayo is available. Turns out Dayo is still unavailable. Nat's time was up but TVB convinced him to stay for just a little bit longer. In the mean time TVB contacted Raymond Lam, but Ray was smart enough to not get his fingerprints over this train-wreck. The show is failure because it only appealed to mostly female audiences which cut their demographic in half. Asians in general are known to be very conservative, so a show that is dancing around with the subject of sex most likely did repel older generations. Asians are also known for being very strict so big doubts are present that parents would let children watch it like they let kids watch the family orientated VOH. The sitcom is struggling to survive with less than 1/4 of the demographic watching.

Big lost for stars like Christine Ng and Joyce Tang who expected the show to enhanced their popularity. Its a sure thing that they will leave the sitcom soon and move to bigger things like Bernice and Frankie did in VOH if this problem persist. Some might consider that Belinda and Kingdom lucky to even have this so they might stay. With Nat Chan only having a little bit more time on the show its going through some trouble times. The show is fighting back with guest stars, but now finding itself trying to crawl back up into 20's in ratings with the last month's ratings averaging about 19. Big prediction is that the sitcom will wrap in 2006...

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