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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Lighted Stars: Stephen and Halina

Stephen Au

One of the most experienced actor in the Hong Kong Television Entertainment. He was a former ATV artiste in his early years before joining TVB. Very skilled at all types of performing arts, but now fading into the "TVB Background" becoming borderline character actor. He is not officially with TVB anymore, but still is considered one because he does an average of more than one production for them each year. He appeared in some very good series like "A Case of Misadventure" with William So & Flora Chan, "Legal Entanglement", and "Witness To A Prosecution 2" where he played all supporting roles. In the past two years TVB has slapped him in the face with two warehouse series, "Placebo Cure" and "Strike At Heart". I actually thought TVB was promoting him when they put him as second lead next to Joe Ma in "Strike At Heart" ahead of Sunny, but turns out it was all for nothing because his popularity in HK didnt rise at all because nobody saw it. Is it because hes older than some of the other artiste? None of the profile sites post his actually birth date but he's supposively only a little older than Kevin Cheng according to an interview for "Hard Fate". I'm sure what he needs now is like what every supporting actor needs, a breakthrough role. He has an upcoming series, "The Bitter Bitten" (formerly known as "The Circus of Life"), we're hoping it's the mid-life crisis solver that he deserves.

Halina Tam:

Halina Tam got her start in the industry through winning the MHK pageant 1994 almost 13 years ago! Strangely she still looks very young like she's in her late 20's. No doubt that that she is pretty especially in her appearance on VOH. It was only the last few years that she came back to TVB. With her fresh face appealing to viewers who did not recognize her, she scored a couple of decent roles like the ones in "The Witness To A Prosecution", "King of Yesterday and Tomorrow" and "Greed Mask". "Greed Mask" is about to make its way out the vault so who know what can happen in next few months. Angela Tong was her former rival in series. They are friend off-screen, but they were competing to survive filling the same type of character niche. Both generally play the temptress or the cheeky girl with attitude. But things have change, Angela Tong has risen to high popularity while Halina is still grasping for air. Big hopes for her to get the same result with the other Roger series, but I doubt it because she played a socialpathic model. "Greed Mask" will give her some exposure but not alot of popularity points though. I suspect that her breakthrough wont happen until next year when "War and Destiny" airs, because she apparently has a pityful role. Best wishes Halina!

Comments on "The Lighted Stars: Stephen and Halina"


Blogger jeni said ... (9:27 PM) : 

from my memory .. i thought halina tam was champion fro miss hk 1994


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (1:35 PM) : 

Thank you Jeni, I fixed it.


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