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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Exclusive: TVB As Training Wheels

TVB Tarnished: In the last couple of weeks I've notice that the TVB name seems to be tarnish because of some artiste leaving them and claiming they don't pay nearly enough. Outrage fans of those that left, showed their support by bashing TVB in forums. Some claim that TVB is quanity over quality, and they wont be watching TVB series alot next year. Many fans were happy to see ATV doing well because it might make TVB rethink their policies. Polls were even put up to see if TVB is good boss or not. I must admit I did kick around the TVB name a couple times, but I'm very sad to see what it has come to. We are all TVB fans, but sadly its very discouraging to see fans lose faith in them after all I myself along other great sites like AF are very dedicated to TVB entertainment. I've decide to campaign to rebuild our great TVB fanatic community by providing my two cents as why TVB is working the way it does and how its not really bad. Here I present to you Exhibit A:

As part of UA cinema's 20th anniversary an awards ceremony has been held for the top 10 HK actors, actresses and films from 1985-2005 box office returns.

Top 10 Actors : 1 - Andy Lau, 2 - Stephen Chow, 3 - Jackie Chan, 4 - Chow Yun Fat, 5 - Tony Leung Chiu Wai, 6 - Ekin Cheng, 7 - Lau Ching Wan, 8 - Tony Leung La Fai, 9 - Simon Yam, 10 - Louis Koo

Top 10 Actresses : 1 - Sandra Ng, 2 - Maggie Cheung, 3 - Anita Mui, 4 - Rosamund Kwan, 5 - Carina Lau, 6 - Sammi Cheng, 7 - Cecilia Cheung, 8 - Gigi Leung, 9 - Dodo Cheng, 10 - Anita Yuen

TVB College?: What does the top 10 HK actors, actresses and films from 1985-2005 box office returns have to do with TVB you might ask. Well for one thing TVB discovered over half the stars on both list. Just to name few Andy Lau, Stephen chow, Chow Yan Fat, Tony Leung, Ekin Cheng, Simon Yam, Louis Koo, Maggie Cheung, Carina Lau, Sammi Cheng, Gigi Leung, Dodo Cheng, Anita Yeun... They've done some sort of TVB productions and got their carreer starting there. TVB might not pay alot but the experiences you learn from them might take you place above and beyond like it did to those mentioned. I consider them to be almost a college. Despite the constant complaints at least they dont charge tuition but just a little less pay. Smart artistes use TVB for publicity and get their names into the newspapers. TVB offers free Acting classes each summer but that is just the begining, the real boot camp begins when you enter the industry officially. There is plenty of support and opportunities there if only people can see past the bad press. The stars on the list are some the people that did and took advantage of what they offered. You never know, in the next few years current TVB artistes might make the list like Roger, Ray, Ron, Jessica, Gigi, Charmaine, or Myolie. So we beg of you to please delete the image of TVB being a horrible employer out your mind and help us restore TVB's good reputation.

More Exhibits to display...

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