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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Entertaining Tuesday

TVB-Generation Picture of the Week: Stephanie appeared in a bra-top and mini skirt and together with another sexily dressed model flanked Ron, but he ignored Stephanie (not even looking at her) and talked with the model instead. I dont know about you guys, but that looks a big fat lOOk to me dont you think? Ignored her, hehe... Eye contanct, and glancing at the very least. Ron is still a man, so we'll cut him some slacks because what man can resist a sexily dress women, not to mention its Stephanie.

Double-Vision: Its very embarassing for celebs to wear the same thing. Myolie did but it a little bit better because it wasn't at same time. Plus that dress was ugly, made her look sorta fat. Good thing at was only at the Yahoo! awards not the TVB.

Funny Photo Comment Sent Triny Nguyen: Its so weird how Raymond blends in with the purple ceiling. Raymond looks very feminine with his hair like that and the way he is dress with that color. Sonjia is wearing bath robe? She reminds me of substitute teacher. Actually both of them do. If only that would substitute for my class.

My Top Picture of Top Model: After the America's Next Top Model post, I recieved some E-mails. I wanted to answer a question to Kalai and Veronica. My favorite picture from cycle five is the one of Nik shown above. Her figure looks so amazing very high class fashion. Someone like Bernice who also has a very amazing figure can redo this picture. It would be so stunning. All the TVB Galleries will be shaken. Strange how Nicole won and she wore Niki's dress, and Nik reminds of Bernice and she also lost.

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