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Saturday, December 10, 2005

ATV Packs A Punch. Watch Out TVB!

If you guys have been paying attention to the media then you might have heard about ATV's big plans for 2006. Its really giving TVB a run for their money. TVB have been the dominate TV network channel for decades now, but its reign might be threaten. Because of poor treatment and pay outs good artiste are kinda being repel from TVB. Artistes might a big part in the appeal of the production. TVB is almost left with no big stars with the except of only a handful. Trouble started brewing very early last year with ATV stealing Gilbert Lam and counter TVB with "Crossborder Daddy".

It has once started again in large proportion with Michelle Ye leaving them and filmed "Central Affairs" for ATV. Its rating isn't all that bad, big improvements. Pressure is really on now with ATV's "Big Adventure" with Francis Ng, Dayo Wong, and TVB's former fa dan Flora Chan. Snagging all three of them is huge victory since Francis rejected TVB's offer to film TITS 2, Dayo was in TVB's biggest hit comedy last year, and of course Flora Chan of the fan's favorite. All huge names to have in their corner. ATV also has just announce a grand production for a series that will aired during their anniversary with Patrick Tam, Amy Kwok, Deannie Yip, William Chow, and ATV's Benny Chan. Maybe this might shake the industry dramticly, and force TVB to improve their treatment of artiste because it might come back and bite them in the butt. You never know, TVB might not be dominate in the future and TVB Generation will no longer exist but a ATV Generation with take my place.

Comments on "ATV Packs A Punch. Watch Out TVB!"


Blogger Quackie said ... (7:35 PM) : 

I don't think TVB's gonna run out of people or that ATV will take over. At least not any time soon.

First of all, Gilbert started out with ATV, so technically, they didn't steal him back. IMHO though, he only went back to ATV cuz he was being underappreciated at TVB. They were really giving him some sh*t roles.

Second, artistes' name and status are usually built through TVB. That being said, given a choice, artistes will want to start out at TVB so TVB isn't gonna run outta ppl. Plus, they're the ones who put on the pageants, and although we hate the beauty queens now, some really good actresses started out through pageants.

TVB is allowed to work their artistes like slaves and their artistes put up with it because they know that their fame counts on TVB. Most only leave after they've achieved some status. If you notice, whenever their fame starts flailing, they come running back to film something for TVB.

And because TVB is so powerful, they can snatch artistes from ATV with a snap of their fingers. If I'm not mistaken, either Esther Kwan or Nick Cheung (or both), originated from ATV, but they didn't really become well-known until they started working for TVB. I think Gallen may have started in ATV way way way back when too?

But still, if this trend continues: ATV churns out good scripts with star-studded casts while TVB gives the audience crap and can't manage to fill the voids left by their old artistes, ATV just might beat them one day. TVB can't count on habitual viewers forever.


Blogger Quackie said ... (7:41 PM) : 

Oh my. Sorry my comment was so long. :blush:


Blogger Asia Choi said ... (1:36 PM) : 

Thank for expressing your opinion.


Blogger Lavendar_Bluez said ... (12:14 AM) : 

i agree qith quackie...and im sorta disappointed in the actress/actors that left TVB to got to what if ATV pays more..but if you think about it...those actors/actress only gained fame through does count on ur acting skills...but if u started out at any other tv stations..i'd doubt any of them would be famous! I'm even pretty sure that if the decided to leave that company and join ATV..they'd only get minor roles!

It just kills me that they'd leave a place that gained u fame...FOR MONEY!!. As well just because ATV is now having some bit hits...doesn't mean it'd last for ever...TVB had some poor series even though they had some good ones....I'm sure ATV wont make sure you'll get'd take quite some time..Especially with the fact that they do have lots of hit series and they not only do series...they do CHARITIES!!Maybe that's why TVB couldn't always pay so high. cuz TVB also funds in money for many Fundraisers of Hong Kong...Not sure if ATV does it..but if ATV did..i dont think they could have Flora..Michelle and all those who left....


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