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Monday, December 12, 2005

ATV Can Talk The Talk But Turns Out It Cant Walk The Walk

1. Life Made Simple ( EPS 31 - 32 Ending ) - 41 PTS Peaking at 43 PTS
2. The Herbalist Manual ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 29 PTS
3. When Rules Turn Loose ( EPS 01 - 03 ) - 26 PTS
4. Tung Wah Charity Show 2005 - 25 PTS
5. The Unforgerttables - 24 PTS
6. Always Ready ( EPS 11 - 15 ) - 23 PTS

1. Central Affaris ( EPS 06 - 10 ) - 8 PTS
2. A Great Adventure ( EPS 01 - 03 ) - 6 PTS

Credits to Kitson

ATV packs a punch but apparently not a very very strong one. After all the hype and speculations about the future downfall of TVB we found out today it that TVB can sit comfortably in its seat for a while. Three big stars Francis Ng (Huge!!!), Dayo Wong(Huge!!), Flora Chan(Huge!) and the best they can attract is microscopic 6 points. This is gigantic waste of star power that could have been channel to a better use like making TITS2 or "To Catch The Catch The Uncatchable 2". Instead its being used on series that fans might never watch, because of poor production. Michelle pulled in a little better rating, a whopping 8 whole points, WOW!<=Sarcasm. Her other TVB series "The Herbalist's Manual" on the other hand earned almost four times as her crappy ATV series's rating did. Showing almost a downhill direction in her career, but we'll see because she has a movie coming out soon with Leon Lai. Francis, Dayo, Flora, and Michelle, follow the light...The TVB City gate is WIDE open.

TVB vs. ATV Score-Board:
323,468,398,256 ---- 12 (Have Some Sympathy, give them at-least like 12 points)

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