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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Triumph In The Sky II Buzz

Never have I seen such a series cause so much buzz. So much speculations, rumours, and hopes flying in forums and fan sites. So lets just get a quick update on what is apparently happening. First the supporting cast. Ron is getting a smaller than expected role! According to recent news in the media, Ron has stop making series and concentrating on his singing career. His singing will as a matter of interfere with filming, so TVB is supposively going to make his role smaller so there will be less clashes between filming and singing. This leaves room for either Bosco or Sammul to step up to the plate and knock the ball out of the ball park. I receive not one but two emails from Lai Lok Yi fans asking me to help inform people that he might have a role in this and to support him. In my opinion he is the only one out the six olympic idols who are "weak in popularity", and this would be a great chance for TVB to make it up to him by giving him a jump start like Ron.

Now for the leading cast. We all know that it is confirmed that Liza and Jessica will take Flora and Michelle's niche in this sequel. Joe Ma is apparently back, but not back. His status is a big unknown because his character died, and if he does come back like the news are buzzing than a completely new storyline will be in place just because of him. Biggest mystery: who will take over Francis Ng's role? So far Louis Koo, Alex Fong (older one), and Anthony Wong has rejected the offer. Huge speculations that the role will be taken by A. Gallen Lo, B. Wong Hei, C. Gordon Lam, and newly associated D. Chilam (Julian) Cheung, or E. None of the above, it will just go to Joe. Only time will tell...

Stay Tuned...

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