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Friday, November 04, 2005

Happy TVB Anniversary!???

November is the month where TVB celebrate its anniversary with the year long awaited award special show. It's also the month where TVB release series that are grand productions & boost ratings to a high level making this annual tradition more joyful. This year TVB decided to release three anniversay series, The Charm Beneath, Real Kung Fu, and Life Made Simple. However, this year's TVB anniversary seies aren't doing very well in the ratings.

Life Made Simple is the only series that's doing fairly well in the rating getting 30 points peaking 32 point, considerably low compared to non-anniversary series that were big hits like War of the In Laws which achieved 34 points on its first week. Life Made Simple is consider one of TVB's larger than average production, and its a modern "sequel" to the very high rated series Square Pegs. Its almost unexplainable why it did get this rating. I love Jessica, Roger, Bosco, and Leila, so I hope they prove me wrong and do alot better in the future ratings. The Charm Beaneath stayed in its seat with 27 point, it was suppose to be female domination series similar to War and Beauty with just lower ratings, alot lower. Last and least, Real Kung Fu received a horrific 23 points on its debut week. This is like 5 points less than the small production, warehouse series Hidden Treasure that was already both aired on cable, and release overseas. Maybe TVB is problaly regreting not airing along awaited series Always Ready and Lethal Weapons of Love & Passion instead of Real Kung Fu or The Charm Beneath. Whether ratings go up or not is up to the viewers. Lets just all hope the ratings are just slow, and not low.

*I know alot of guys think ratings dont matter, but TVB makes decisions like who to promote based on it. It's the basis to all TVB activity because advertisements is how they make money, and they want their commercials to be seen by alot of people. So hope for favorite artist's and their series to get good ratings, and you'll definitely see more of them.

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